NEW Release: Self-Guided Tour of the Bible!

NEW Self-Guided Tour of the Bible!

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Imagine having an easy-to-understand guide of the entire Bible —including all 66 books, 100 key people, key places, essential teachings, and more! Features over 200 charts, maps, timelines, and pictures!

This Week Only! Buy the NEW Self-Guided Tour of the Bible and get its download FREE! Get it for just $19.99

Want an overview on the entire Bible? There are 66 books, thousands of people, and dozens of places mentioned in the Bible. Now you can get a solid overview of the entire Bible with Rose’s NEW guide!

Unlike most handbooks, Rose’s Self-Guided Tour of the Bible includes more than just text summaries and outlines on the books of the Bible. It features 200 charts, timelines, maps, and full-color pictures that provides a solid introduction to the entire Bible. Deepen your understanding of all 66 books of the Bible, 100 key people, key places, key teachings, Bible history, how to study the Bible, Bible reliability, and more! Quickly add depth to any Bible study!

How We Got the Bible
Reviewer’s Rating:5 Stars
Fully-reproducible, Rose’s NEW Self-Guided Tour of the Bible is perfect for individual or small group use! Get it for Just $19.99

Rose NEW Self-Guided Tour

Imagine Having a Solid Overview of the Entire Bible At Your Fingertips!

Featuring over 200 charts, maps, timelines, and pictures— this NEW guide features DOZENS MORE visuals than even Rose’s best-selling book, Bible Overview— and it covers an even WIDER range of topics. Order it today and save $14.99.

Enjoy a Solid Overview of the Entire Bible

See Key Background Information at a Glance!

Dig Deeper into the Bible

  • Jesus’ Life and Teachings (Including 37 Parables Charts)
  • See how the Old Testament Points to Jesus (Prophecies and Symbolism)
  • Heaven, Hell, and Eternity

With simple explanations and helpful visuals, Rose’s NEW Self-Guided Tour of the Bible will become your go-to resource!

“The Self Guided Tour of the Bible is one of the most creative and engaging books ever written to get you plugged into God’s Word. The message, the structure and history of the Bible become easy to access and use in everyday life. Suddenly things you read in the Bible or heard about the Bible come to life! Once you pick it up you will not want to put it down.”— Wayne Newcomb, Church Leader, Rose Reviewer
“This book serves well as a quick reference guide with multiple maps, charts, overviews, and timelines… It is ideal for teaching biblical foundation training and teaching in a small group setting and for individual study.” —Donna Means, Rose Reviwer

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Free Bible Overview eChart:

Deepen your Understanding of the Bible’s Structure, Authors, and Overall Story— at a Glance!


Send this printable PDF to those you disciple, your friends, family, pastors, church leaders, youth group leaders, and small group members FOR FREE!

What’s the difference between the Old and New Testament? When was it written? Who wrote each book? How do all 66 books link to each other? This free eChart is loaded with charts, timelines, and simple summaries that will show you key information about the Bible’s structure, authors, and story at a glance!

Since the Bible is not arranged chronologically (in the order events occurred), it’s easy for people to misunderstand the structure and “big picture” of the Bible. This week’s eChart provides visual tools that help show how the Bible was put together and how to read it. It features:

  • Old and New Testament Comparison Chart
  • Authors of the Bible Quick-Reference Chart
  • “Bible Story” Timeline that reveals “the Big Picture” of the Bible

This eChart is just 5 pages from Rose’s NEW Self-Guided Tour of the Bible, a 256-page handbook which makes it easy-to-understand the Bible, its themes, its characters, its places, its message, and more! Get this NEW book and its download for just $19.99

Please Note: Our weekly eCharts are provided as a free service, but it does cost us time and money to create and send these emails. Any order from is appreciated!



New Release Special for 1 Week Only

Buy Rose’s NEW Self-Guided Tour of the Bible
AND Get Its Download FREE!



Self-Guided Tour of the Bible

Rose Customer Rating: 5 Stars

Quickly get a firm grasp of the Bible with this easy-to-understand overview! Easily cover all 66 books of the Bible, 100 key people, Bible places, how to study the Bible, and more!

Experience the ease of having a convenient and reliable guide to the Bible that’s concise and easy-to-read! Using clear summaries, easy-to-read overviews, maps, charts, and time lines, Rose’s New Self-Guided Tour of the Bible breaks the Bible down into bite-sized portions that are fast and easy-to-understand for anyone! Fantastic for personal use, Bible studies, Sunday school lessons, and homeschool curriculum! Plus, every page is REPRODUCIBLE!

  • Easy-to-Understand— Get a solid, easy-to-understand overview on the Bible, its history, and how to study it today.
  • Visual—Over 200 Charts, Maps, Timelines, and Pictures that Shows Key Information at a glance!
  • Fascinating Facts— From Bible reliability to Bible history, find out hundreds of fascinating facts.
  • Simple, easy-to-use format which includes a convenient index for quick reference

It’s visual and contemporary design make it easy to read and easy to quickly reference.

Don’t Wait! Buy Rose’s Self-Guided Tour of the Bible and get its Download Free! Get both the book and the download for just 19.99

Features Over a 200 Pictures, Maps, Charts, and Time lines!

Detailed Maps That Help Put the Bible into Context

  • The Middle East; Israel and Jerusalem in Jesus’ time
  • The cities and countries where Paul traveled

Dozens of Charts and Diagrams

  • Books of the Bible; Authors of the Bible
  • 37 parables of Jesus with each lesson and references
  • Minor Prophets, and more!

Time Lines That Cover Over 140 Bible and World Events

Rose’s Self-Guided Tour of the Bible is an excellent companion for Bible reading plans, individual and group Bible studies, or to use as a quick reference book whenever you need it. You can print or photocopy the pages and hand them out for group study. Order today to save $14.99.

Enjoy Having an Incredible Introduction to the Bible at Your Fingertips:

To fully understand the Bible, it is important to know the who, what, where, when, how, and why of the entire Bible! Enjoy having this easy-to-understand guide that shows key information at a glance!

100 Key People in the Bible

  • Old Testament: Abraham Noah, Ruth, Moses, Isaiah, King David, and more…
  • New Testament: Paul, John the Baptist, Judas Iscariot, Mark, Luke, and more…

All 66 Books of the Bible and Bible Geography

  • An overview of all 66 books—author, date written, what happened, key verse, etc.
  • In-depth explanation of 8 major themes of the Bible
  • Topographical Maps and Descriptions of Key Bible Places: Egypt, Jerusalem, and more!

Rose NEW Self-Guided Tour
Bible Basics and Bible History

  • Dozens of tips on how to study the Bible
  • A time line showing over 140 Bible and world history events side by side
  • Bible reliability and accuracy—Why you can trust the Bible

Understanding the Life and Message of Jesus

  • Overview of Jesus’ Life: Cover over 20 key events of Jesus’ life
  • 18 Key Lessons of Jesus and 37 Parables of Jesus (Chart).
  • Seeing Jesus Through the Bible (Prophecies and Symbolism)
“The structure of this book has a very easy to read format so that you can go back and reference the information time after time… [It has] the most vivid full color illustrations, especially maps… What also is a favorite of mine about this book is it guides you and explains with frequently asked questions and answers.”—Joyce Gronde, Rose Reviewer
“…As the name implies, it allows one to study at his/her own pace. It is written using real-world scenarios and modern day examples to illustrate different concepts in the Bible. It features maps, timelines, overviews, and charts all full-colored and reproducible for classrooms or small group studies…” —Donna Means, Rose Reviewer

Save $14.99! Get Rose’s NEW Self-Guided Tour of the Bible and its download for JUST $19.99 (Value: $34.98)

Find Out Fascinating Facts about the Bible’s Reliability

Find out fascinating facts as you get a solid overview of key parts of the Bible. Enjoy learning important terms, key Scripture, and incredible insight that will help you establish a strong understanding of the Bible themes, stories, and the teachings of Jesus.

  • The text of the Bible is better preserved than the writing of Plato or Aristotle.
  • The biblical title “Messiah” (Christ in Greek) comes from the a Hebrew word that means “anointed one.”
  • At the time of the Apostle Paul, about 25% of the people in the world died under Roman law
  • The first Olympic games were recorded during the time of Jonah

This Week Only! Buy Rose’s NEW Self-Guided Tour of the Bible and get its download FREE —for JUST $19.99 (Reg. $34.98) Get it while it’s still in stock!




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  1. Patrick on February 2, 2020 at 4:28 pm said:

    I honestly believe if all luke-warm Christians read this book, it would rebuild their trust in the Bible and all it teaches. Thi is a very, very useful summary of the Bible, but most importantly it shows how the key messages are built up throughout the whole collection. The grouping of chapters into a “visit to a gallery” is an inspired idea and makes it easy to make links and build knowledge through repetition. This is on of my favourite Bible study books. Thank you Rose!

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