3 Ways to Combat Anxious Thoughts

Free “3 Ways to Combat Anxious Thoughts” eChart

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From troubling “what-ifs” to the fear of something going wrong, it’s easy for anxious thoughts to creep in and steal your joy. Experience the freedom, joy, and peace that come from letting go of anxiety with this free “3 Ways to Combat Anxious Thoughts” eChart.
Using real-life examples, exercises, and practical tips, this free eChart will transform the way you (and those you help) view the past, present, and future. Find out how to reduce the strain that anxiety puts on your life with small, simple changes in your day-to-day routine. Learn practical ways to let go of the troubling “what–ifs” and embrace God’s truth. With everything going on in the news today, people now more than ever need to know God’s truth and peace for their lives. Please share this free eChart with a friend.
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Seven Answers for Anxiety

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in life. It is hard to know what to do when fear sets in and life starts stressing you out. Experience the peace that comes from letting go of anxiety and grasping the freedom you have in Christ with Dr. Jantz’s 7 Answers for Anxiety.
Using scripture, practical advice, and real-life examples, this quick, easy-to-understand book shows how to effectively shut down negative emotions and thoughts. When anxiety strikes, everything feels out of control. Anxiety twists the truth into chaos, affecting your daily decisions, relationships, and even your faith. In those moments, you practical steps to walk in God’s freedom and truth. Enjoy 7 key ways to break free from anxiety along with dozens of practical steps you can take to apply the truth of scripture to your life!

7 Answers for Anxiety

Whether you personally use these tips or recommend them to others, enjoy having these at your fingertips:

  • 4 root causes of anxiety —and how to avoid them.
  • Key scriptures on anxiety that will help you focus on God’s truth
  • 10 healthy habits that reduce anxiety
  • Practical tips that will help you stop anxious thoughts in their tracks (and more!)

7 Answers for Anxiety

“Anxiety is something we all have felt…In this book Gregory L. Jantz, PHD, gives helpful tips on handling those anxieties. He offers seven questions and gives answers that make handling anxiety easier…By using scriptures and other methods, he gives an easy to follow method of dealing with anxieties in our life. I found the information very easy to understand and very helpful. —G. WINEHOLT, customer review on Amazon

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Five Keys to Dealing with Depression

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Is it sometimes hard to get out of bed? Do you feel like nothing can bring you true joy and peace again? Depression affects every aspect of a person’s life. Yet, depressed people are often given one–size–fits all advice. Some are told to just get over it. Others are given a pill (that doesn’t always work). So, what can you do?
Imagine having a book that pulls from Scripture and science that speaks to the whole person, showing you how to be restored emotionally, intellectually, relationally, physically, and spiritually. After providing Christian care to those struggling with depression for over 30 years, Dr. Gregory Jantz has identified 5 keys to dealing with depression. Using lists, charts, and simple summaries, he provides a quick overview on depression and then maps out the road to recovery which is complete with scripture, practical tips, and more!
Five Keys To Dealing with Depression

It doesn’t just manage symptoms. It equips you with the tools and God’s truth to care for the whole person. It covers:

  • Basic overview on depression, including signs, characteristics, causes, and more.
  • Spiritual: Key Bible verses on depression and 9 tips on how to start recovering from depression
  • Emotional: Find out how to identify positive and negative self-talk. See how to adjust your outlook for success, and overcome the feelings of fear, anger, and guilt that may be causing depression.
  • Intellectual: Recognize the false truths that keep you stuck, such as: I’m not good enough.
  • Physical: Find out how your health, environmental factors, food, exercise, and sleep affect depression.

Enjoy getting trustworthy advice from Gregory Jantz, whose center, A Place of Hope, is recognized as one of the top 10 facilities for the treatment of depression.

5 Keys for Dealing with Depression

“Very Good Advice! While I have many family members and friends that have had bouts of depression, even I myself have suffered…I had no idea all of the medical and health conditions that could contribute to depression. Exercise and sleep will help improve your mood, but I think key # 5 Spiritual Support has the greatest impact…The points included in the last chapter of this book are my favorite and I think the most useful.” —Ann Sanger, customer review on Amazon

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6 Steps to Reduce Stress

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
When did life become so complicated? Studies show that 75 percent of Americans report experiencing at least one symptom of stress in the past month in the United States. Whether the cause of stress is money, work, the economy, family, or personal health, easily get simple and effective tips to reduce stress with this uplifting book!
Stress is natural and even helpful in emergencies, causing us to react quickly in need, but being in stress mode regularly is dangerous to our health. Using real-life stories, biblically sound advice, proven tips, and practical steps, equip yourself to recognize the signs of stress and take these 6 steps to reduce stress
6 Steps to Reduce Stress

Refresh Yourself with These Practical Steps that Reduce Stress and Help You Have a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Live Simply and Organized Discover keys from the story of Mary and Martha on what really matters most! Includes practical time management advice.
  2. Live Healthy: “Exercise” and “diet” can be intimidating words, but building healthy habits is easier when you’re equipped with simple solutions like the ones included in this book.
  3. Live Present: With decades of experience in counseling, Dr. Gregory Jantz will equip you with his best tips and strategies that will help you heal from past hurts to start living in a peaceful present.
  4. Live Grace-Full and Grateful: Did you know forgiveness is a major tool in learning to live stress-free? Find out how to let go of the stress caused by un-forgiveness. Using the parable of the unclean spirit, Dr. Jantz illustrates how our attitudes can either repel or welcome stress into our lives.

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