4 Essentials for Prayer – Happy National Day of Prayer!

4 Truths About Prayer

Free eChart: 4 Essential Truths About Prayer

echartToday is National Prayer Day! Deepen your understanding of prayer and how God answers your prayers with this week’s free eChart. Packed with simple summaries and Bible verses, this week’s free eChart covers 4 truths about prayer, including what to do when God says “No.”
You already know that God doesn’t always answer prayer requests the way you expect…or even want him to answer. Without a solid understanding of how God answers prayer, it is easy to get discouraged. So, how can you make sure you don’t get disappointed when God says “No?” How can you trust that God hears your prayers and cares about them? This week’s free eChart tackles these key questions and more! It also features an easy-to-follow prayer guide that will help you read, reflect, and pray through God’s Word. Help us celebrate National Day of Prayer by sharing this free eChart with your friends and family.
Here’s an overview on what this week’s Free Bible eChart includes:

  • 3 things to know before praying (Find out why we can confidently go before the Lord)
  • What to do when God says NO to a prayer request
  • BONUS: 14-Day Prayer Companion Guide (Printable). This companion guide includes a “prayer focus” for each day that will help you grow, expand, and enrich your prayer life. Includes key verses and reflection questions.

This FREE eChart is just 2 pages out of Rose’s What the Bible Says About Prayer Pamphlet, an easy-to-understand pamphlet that provides an in-depth overview on prayer! Easily use alongside Rose’s 14-Day Prayer Guide. Get What the Bible Says About Prayer Pamphlet for Just $1.50.
Please Note: Our weekly eCharts are provided as a free service, but it does cost us time and money to create and send these emails. Any order from Rose-Publishing.com is appreciated!


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What the Bible Says About Prayer Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Believers are often encouraged to pray, but they aren’t always taught how. So, how can you teach others to pray? How can you encourage them not to give up when waiting for an answer? Enjoy having 100 key Bible verses on prayer at your fingertips!
Enjoy deepening your understanding of prayer and how God answers your prayers with this incredible Bible study pamphlet! Simple enough for new believers and deep enough for leaders, Rose’s What the Bible Says About Prayer doesn’t just cover how to pray, it answers tough questions about prayer, such as: Why does God seem silent? Why didn’t God answer my prayer? and more! Packed with beautiful pictures, simple summaries, and practical suggestions, this pamphlet on prayer covers the basics of Christian prayer.
What the Bible Says About Prayer Pamphlet

Experience the peace that comes from growing your relationship with God through prayer. Although there is no one set way to pray, this pamphlet outlines what the Bible says about prayer in an easy-to-understand way.

  • Easy-to-Understand — Simple overview on prayer, covering 4 types of prayers (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication), why we pray, and what to do when waiting for an answer.
  • Practical — Includes simple explanations on how to pray, including how to intercede for others.
  • Quick-reference100 key verses on prayer and provides section-by-section commentary on the Lord’s Prayer
  • Relevant — Answers common questions, such as: Why didn’t God answer my prayer? Is there a right and wrong way to pray? What should I do when God seems silent?

Unlike other prayer books, you can conveniently fit this pamphlet inside most Bible covers making it easy to quickly reference. Perfect for personal or small group use.
What the Bible Says About Prayer Pamphlet
This pamphlet on prayer can be used by anyone, whether they’re discipling or being discipled. Bless someone with the clarity and guidance that God does hear our prayers. This encouragement reminds others that God cares for them and will strengthen them.
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Spiritual Disciplines Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
You already know that growing in spiritual disciplines (such as reading your Bible and prayer) is important— for you and for those you teach. But, sometimes it’s hard to know how to start, how to stick with them, and how to NOT turn them into just “religious rules.”
Spiritual disciplines are meant to refresh your walk with God by showing you how to follow Jesus. From prayer and fasting to worship and evangelism, this pamphlet covers the 8 classic spiritual disciplines as it answers the key question— How can I grow in my walk with God? Featuring an easy-to-follow layout, simple summaries, key Bible verses, and practical tips, Rose’s Spiritual Disciplines pamphlet is perfect to use as a handout/Bible study for individual study, 1-on-1 discipleship, small groups, or adult Sunday school class.
Spiritual Disciplines Pamphlet

Enjoy having this simple overview of all 8 key spiritual disciplines!

  • EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND. Provides a quick overview on 8 key spiritual disciplines(5-7 bullet points). Covers Bible reading, prayer, fasting, worship, service, solitude, evangelism, etc.
  • PRACTICAL. Shares practical tips on how to get started (and stick with each discipline).
  • BIBLICAL. Features dozens of key Bible verses and relatable examples from the Bible. Explains how to keep the focus on Christ(and not our own performance).
  • RELEVANT. Reveals 6 common misunderstandings about spiritual disciplines that can sabotage spiritual growth and answers key questions, such as: How can spiritual disciplines be a joy, not a burden? and What does it mean to be Jesus’ disciples today?

Spiritual Discplines Pamphlet for 75% OFF
Perfect for individual use (pastors, church leaders, teachers, or Bible readers), small group Bible studies, New Believers classes, and discipleship!
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Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
This is a must-have Bible study reference for every believer! Enjoy having hundreds of Bible verses organized by topic at your fingertips!
Quickly and easily find the Scripture references you want on important topics, such as prayer, names of God, your identity in Christ, and more. Easily slip this pamphlet into the cover of most Bibles—and pull it out during times of prayer, when someone asks you a question, or when preparing a lesson. You will refer to this incredible pamphlet again and again as you look through the Bible for important “nuggets” of wisdom. Perfect for individual use, giveaways, and small groups.
Enjoy Having These 3 Key Features at Your Fingertips
Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses Pamphlet
  • Features Over 10 Charts and Topical Overviews. Easily see hundreds of Bible verses on 75 key topics at a glance. Covers everything from Old Testament Events to verses to read when struggling with fear.
  • Easy-to-Use Format. Features clear headers, simple summaries, charts, and hundreds of scripture references from the Old and New Testament — making it extremely easy to scan for information. Enjoy seeing scriptures written out (so you don’t have to flip back and forth).
  • Convenient size. This fold-out, slimline pamphlet can fit inside most Bible covers. Quickly pull it out when someone has a question or when you want to add depth to any Bible study.

Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses for JUST $1.50
Save time flipping back and forth in your Bible — Easily find the most popular verses in the Bible on one fold-out pamphlet! Perfect for individual use (pastors, church leaders, teachers, or Bible readers), small group Bible studies, New Believers classes, and discipleship! Easily use alongside Rose’s What the Bible Says About Prayer.
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Names of the Holy Spirit Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
There are many misunderstandings about the Holy Spirit. Some people think of the Holy Spirit as an impersonal force or just a symbol, preventing them from fully understanding who God is. How can you give people a solid understanding of the Holy Spirit?
There are dozens of verses in the Bible that reveal who the Holy Spirit is. This quick reference pamphlet will help you (and those you teach) understand more about the power and work of the Holy Spirit as it covers 32 names for the Holy Spirit. From Counselor to Comforter, each name of the Holy Spirit is packed with relevant insight. Now you can easily see 32 names of the Holy Spirit and what they mean at at glance with this pamphlet’s charts, simple summaries, and practical applications. Easily fits inside most Bible covers.
Names of the Holy Spirit Pamphlet

Enjoy having these key features at your fingertips:

  • Easy-to-follow chart covering 32 names of the Holy Spirit. Easily see what each name means, its application to your life, key scripture reference, and more—at a glance! Covers:
    • Counselor
    • Breath of the Almighty
    • Power of the Highest
    • Spirit of the Living God (and more!)
  • Clear explanation on the Trinity, why Christians believe in it, and the Holy Spirit’s role within it (Easily see why the Holy Spirit is as divine as God the Father and Jesus).
  • Simple summaries on the Holy Spirit’s role in prayer, the Fruit of the Spirit, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

See this pamphlet's INCREDIBLE Visual Aids!Perfect for individual use (pastors, church leaders, teachers, or Bible readers), small group Bible studies, New Believers classes, and discipleship!
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Lord’s Prayer Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Dive into one of the most powerful and beloved prayers found within the Bible: the Lord’s Prayer! This Bible study pamphlet explores and explains the way that Jesus taught his followers how to pray. It covers each petition of the Lord’s prayer in an easy-to-understand way, explaining what it means, what it reveals about God’s character, and how to apply its message to your life.
From the powerful invitation to call God “Our Father” to the challenging petition to forgive those who hurt us, the Lord’s Prayer is a fantastic way to deepen your understanding of the purpose, power, and principles of prayer. Find out how this simple, yet life-changing prayer can help you focus on God, keep your priorities in check, and enrich your understanding of who God is.
Lord's Prayer Pamphlet

Unlike other studies, this pamphlet uses a chart format that shows key information at a glance! It doesn’t just cover what the Lord’s Prayer means— but it takes it a step further by explaining how to apply its truth to your prayer life.

  • Easy-to-Understand— Features a clear explanation of each phrase/petition—explaining its meaning, what it reveals about God’s attributes, related scriptures, and life application steps.
  • Fascinating facts— discover how the Lord’s Prayer was different from other prayers of Jesus’ time
  • Quick-Reference — Includes helpful quick-reference charts and important topics, such as—
    • 6 powerful reasons to forgive
    • 7 of attributes of God and how they are reflected in the Lord’s Prayer (love, holiness, sovereignty, mercy, protection, and more!)
    • 15 reflective questions and 6 keys to strengthen your prayer life.

Lord's Prayer PamphletTake the first step towards a deeper prayer life with the Lord’s Prayer pamphlet! Perfect for individual use, small group Bible studies, New Believers’ class, discipleship, and devotions!
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What the Bible Says About Fasting Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Whether you already fast regularly or simply want to grow closer to God, enjoy having a solid overview on fasting at your fingertips.
Popular books on fasting are hard to quickly reference and often focus on just one specific type of fast (or reason to fast). Imagine having a quick overview that shows all key scripture on fasting at a glance and covers how to fast, types of fasts, and practical tips for fasting. Enjoy quick solid answers to key questions:

  • What is fasting? Why should I fast?
  • How can I fast? Is fasting healthy?
  • What’s the “Daniel fast?” (and more)

From the Daniel Fast to even “technology fast,” this up-to-date pamphlet reveals the true purpose behind fasting and shows how to fast. Refresh your walk with God as you cover 17 Bible stories on fasting, including Daniel, Esther, Nehemiah, Jesus, and more!

What the Bible Says About Fasting Pamphlet
  • Quick & Simple: Includes quick overviews and charts that make it easy to understand what fasting is, how to start fasting, why fasting is important, what fasting IS NOT, and more!
  • Solid and Trustworthy: It provides dozens of key Bible verses while answering common questions and misunderstandings. It provides an overview chart covering over 17 Bible stories on fasting.
  • Easy-to-Use and Convenient: Unlike books and commentaries, you can spot key information at a glance with this slimline pamphlet that fits inside most Bible covers.
  • Packed with relevant facts: Covers safe guidelines for fasting, including what to do before, during, and after your fast.

Packed with charts, simple summaries, and practical tips—this overview is a must-have reference on the power of prayer and fasting.Perfect for individual use (pastors, church leaders, teachers, or Bible readers), small group Bible studies, New Believers classes, and discipleship!
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