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Easily see what the “dwelling place” of God looked like throughout the Old and New Testament with these bestselling books! It was in the Tabernacle and Temple that God’s presence dwelt for centuries. Every aspect, from the Ark of the Covenant to the Veil, was designed to point to Jesus Christ. Enjoy seeing stunning pictures of what they looked like next to simple summaries, fascinating facts, and even up-to-date discoveries on the Temple. Features:

  • Clear Plastic Overlays showing the inside and outside (No other book has this!)
  • Cut-away drawing from expert artists based on up-to-date discoveries
  • Easy-to-understand explanations on the how each part points to Christ (Holy of Holies, Ark of the Covenant, Veil, Brazen Altar, Lampstand, etc.)
  • Hundreds of charts, timelines, diagrams, full-color pictures, simple summaries, key verses, and more! Features a fold-out Temple Poster by National Geographic®
  • Clear overview of the Tabernacle and Temple’s history in the Bible and Today (Includes modern controversy over the Temple Mount and the “Future Temple in New Jerusalem”)

PLUS! Each book is full-reproducible! (Make up to 300 copies.) Perfect for individual use, small group Bible studies, or quick-reference for pastors, church leaders, teachers, and Bible students!
Over a hundred Amazon reviewers gave these books a 5-Star Rating! Here’s what they’re saying:

“The illustrations in this book are wonderful. The drawings are accurate and easy to understand. They are so beautiful that they seem to come to life. The pictures are very realistic and can almost make one feel they are there.”—customer review on Amazon
“The book is very detailed and easy to use. The charts/diagrams are large and colorful and easy on the eyes, and jam-packed with wonderful information….The overlays are irreplaceable for demonstration purposes.”
—Susan Clark, Amazon Customer Review
“Rose Guide to the Temple is an amazing book! Its detailed illustrations, which have color maps, and diagrams, show unique and informative insights into the Temple…It covers pretty much anything you need to know about the Holy Temple, and it even mentions the question of a future temple in Jerusalem. This book is hands down, the best book on the Temple I have read.” —S. Voisin, Amazon Customer Review

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FREE Hanukkah (Feast of Dedication) & Temple eChart

Special Alert: Hanukkah starts in just a couple weeks!


Send this printable eChart to those you disciple, your friends, family, pastors, church leaders, youth group leaders, and small group members FOR FREE!
Is Hanukkah mentioned in the Bible? Did Jesus celebrate Hanukkah? How did Hanukkah start? Enjoy learning more about Hanukkah and the Temple with this week’s free eChart.
Every year in December (9 Kislev in the Jewish calendar), thousands of Jews all over the world celebrate Hanukkah (the Feast of Dedication). The word Hanukkah actually means to “dedicate.” This festival celebrates the Maccabees, who cleansed the Temple and rededicated it to the Lord. Find out the the shocking history of the Temple that prompted the Maccabean revolt and enjoy learning more about the Feast of Dedication with this week’s free eChart.
With this free eChart, you will see:

  • Feast of the Bible calendar and explanation
  • Simple summary of Hanukkah (Feast of Dedication)
  • Brief Timeline of the Temple (573 BC-63 BC)
  • Expansion of the Temple Mount Diagram

This is just 5 pages out of Rose Guide to the Temple, a 140-page book packed with full-color pictures, simple summaries, and 8 clear plastic overlays that help you see inside the Temple. Today Only! Get Rose Guide to the Temple AND Tabernacle for Just $34.99 (Save $25)


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Rose Guide to the Temple

Rose Guide to the TabernacleOverall Rating: 5 Stars
You already know the Temple is an important part of the Bible— from the building of Solomon’s Temple in the Old Testament to the veil being ripped apart after Jesus’ death in the New Testament. Yet, you may wonder, what did it actually look like? and What do I really need to know?
Packed with 150 stunning pictures, clear plastic overlays, and easy-to-read timelines, this incredible reference book provides a clear overview of the Temple. Find out the Temple’s entire history, its role in key Bible stories, and its impact on believers today. Easily see how the Temple may have looked 3,000 years ago and discover how the the Temple relates to the Tabernacle, feasts of the Bible, Jesus’ ministry, Paul’s teachings, and current world events.
This Temple book has features no other reference book has!

  • Clear plastic overlays to help you “see inside” Solomon’s Temple (Old Testament), Herod’s Temple (New Testament), and the Tabernacle. No other book has this feature!
  • Fascinating cultural and historical facts that will deepen your understanding of familiar Bible stories and current world events—including when Muslims took over the Temple Mount, when the Muslim shrine was created, why only Muslims are allowed to pray there, and more!

Plus! It features a fold-out Temple Poster by National Geographic®! (Retail value of $16.99)!

“Its lavish illustrations which include color maps, diagrams and authoritative reconstructions, coupled with clear verbal descriptions, offer unique insights into the subject of the Temple. Christian leaders and visitors to the Holy Land will find it provides an invaluable overview of the topic from the time of the Tabernacle to the present day.” —Dr. Leen Ritmeyer, Former architect of the Temple Mount Excavations

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Rose Guide to the Tabernacle

Rose Guide to the TabernacleOverall Rating: 5 Stars
Features 128 pages of facts, illustrations, charts, and diagrams not available in other books! Its 8 clear plastic overlays allow you (and your students) to easily “see inside the Tabernacle.”
Easily find out how the sacrifices, utensils, and even the structure of the Tabernacle were designed to point to Jesus Christ. Gain insight into Jesus’ life, his death, and his resurrection and, easily see the parallels between the Old Testament sacrifices and Jesus’ service as the perfect sacrifice. Use as a stand-alone study or to add depth to any Old or New Testament study. Features:

Buy Rose Guide to the Tabernacle, Get the PDF FREE!

“As a teacher of Bible studies, I found this wonderful teaching tool and must say it is extremely well done, connecting the dots from the Old Testament tabernacle in the wilderness to the Cross of Christ. The presentation is excellent…There are timelines, genealogies, drawings, and clear plastic overlays that are invaluable.” —Meriam Matthews, customer review on Amazon

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