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New! Basic Church History Timeline!

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With hundreds of events spanning over thousands of years of Church history, you may wonder, What do I really need to know? Easily see over 250 key events from Church history at a glance with this NEW Up-to-Date, Fold-Out Timeline
Covering everyone from the Apostle Paul and Martin Luther to Tyndale and Billy Graham— this easy-to-read timeline provides a concise overview of 250 key events, dates, and people throughout Church history, beginning with the birth of Christ and continuing through modern times (Martin Luther, Augustine, Francis of Assisi, Tyndale, Wycliffe, Bonhoeffer, and more). It even includes statistics from 2015! Its pictures, fascinating facts, and easy-to-follow format makes this great to personally use and to give out to your entire small group or ministry — plus it fits inside most Bible covers!
Churc History Pamphlet
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Free Early Church History Timeline

(Easily Cover the First 200 Years of Church History at a Glance!)


Share this printable eChart with your friends, family, church leaders, and small group members FOR FREE!
Easily navigate through early church history with this full-color time line! Fully-illustrated, detailed, and easy-to-read, this week’s free eChart is a helpful timeline for any New Testament study and covers the first 200 years of church history (AD1 – AD 200). It covers key events and people, including Jesus’ Ministry, Apostle Paul’s ministry, the gnostic heresies which plagued the early church, Ignatius, Justin Martyr, Polycarp, Irenaeus, and more! Plus, it shares insight into world history. For example, the Coliseum in Rome is built only a few years after the Apostle Paul’s death.
This FREE eChart shows only a few of the 250 events featured in Rose’s Church History Timeline pamphlet. To easily see over 250 key events throughout Bible and world history at a glance, get Rose’s NEW slim line, foldout Church timeline. Shop now to save 35%
Please Note: Our weekly eCharts are provided as a free service, but it does cost us time and money to create and send these emails. Any order from is appreciated!

Save 35% This Week Only

Get Rose’s NEW Church History Timeline For Just $2.50


Church History Timeline Pamphlet

Church History Timeline PamphletSee the sequence of every major event throughout Church History with this fold-out timeline. Enjoy covering over 2,000 years at a single glance.
Easily see over 250 key people and events from church history at a glance! This easy-to-read, fold-out timeline shows hundreds of events. Covering everyone from Jesus and Paul to Martin Luther and Augustine, it provides an easy-to-follow overview of key dates, events, and leaders throughout Bible and church history. This easy-to-follow slimline pamphlet is filled with full-color illustrations and photographs. There is no better timeline of basic church history for Bible studies, Sunday schools, and small groups!

Enjoy having these 5 key features at your fingertips:

  • Convenient: Most study Bibles do not include timelines and when they do the timelines are stored in the back making them difficult to reference. Enjoy having this slim line pamphlet that can easily be pulled out and conveniently referenced (without having to flip back and forth). Easily fits in most Bible covers
  • Easy-to-Use Graphic Icons. Spot key information at a glance with this pamphlet’s graphic icons that label key people, key events, major Bible developments, church councils, and and more. This is a great way to get a handle of all key event in the Bible while seeing fascinating facts at a glance.
  • Easy-to-Read. Includes larger print and features full-color pictures, including a map showing the expansion of Christianity. See how in just 350 years Christianity grew from about 1,000 believers to up to 8 million believers!
  • Loaded with fascinating facts that will add depth to any Bible study, such as: The Apostle Paul died just a few years before the Coliseum in Rome was built.
“Knowledge of Christian history is a very enlightening matter, and, if you agree with this, you will thoroughly enjoy the Timeline of Christian History just out from Rose Publishing. Historical facts helps us realize how exponentially Christianity spread…I love this timeline…” —Bev Webster, Rose Customer Review


“Basic Church History Timeline is a must read for every believer. Knowing the facts about our history gives us both a starting point and a guide for Church life today.” — Wayne Newcomb, Rose Customer Review

With statistics from 2015, this is one of the most up-to-date Church History Timeline available. We guarantee that you won’t find this deal anywhere else and its good for this week only! Shop now to save 35%
Church History Timeline see insideBasic Church History Timeline is an excellent companion for Bible reading plans, individual and group Bible studies, or to use as a quick reference book whenever you need it. Save 35% when you order it today.

Find Out Fascinating Facts That Will Add Depth to Your Bible Study:

Imagine covering all the key people and events throughout Christian history while finding out fascinating facts:

  • When Paul was taken to Rome, he didn’t see the Coliseum. It was built 4 years after his death.
  • In England during the 1400’s, it was illegal to read the Bible in English without permission of a bishop.
  • Galileo was prohibited by the Church from scientific studies (1617)
  • “Sunday School” was developed out of concern for the urban poor just 4 years after the American Revolution
  • Seventh-Day Adventism, Christian Science, and Jehovah’s Witnesses were all established within 8 years of each other.

Church History Timeline Pamphlet
Hurry! Save 35%! Get Rose’s NEW Church History Timeline Pamphlet for just $2.50 (Reg. $3.99)

Easily Cover 250 Key People and Events Throughout Christian History!

You already know that understanding basic church history is important. But, since Church history covers over thousands of years, this can be difficult to do. Enjoy having a solid overview at your fingetips:

  • Key Bible Events: Jesus, Paul’s ministry, when each New Testament book was written, and more.
  • Key Events: how we got the Bible; creeds; the Crusades; Council of Nicaea; Council of Trent; revivals; how different denomination were formed; and more!
  • Key People/Leaders: Irenaeus, Polycarp, Boniface, Wycliffe, Martin Luther, Gutenberg, Erasmus, Tyndale, Calvin, Wesley, Spurgeon, Bonhoeffer, C.S. Lewis, and more!
  • Key Missionaries: Hudson Taylor, George Muller, Livingstone, St. Patrick, and more!

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  1. I was so blessed by your item number 558 X fruit of the Spirit pamphlet and I’ve held onto it for so long its getting old and weathered is it possible I can get another one like this no if you could send one please send it to [BLOCKED FOR PRIVACY] to Audrey McKinney thank you and God bless you

  2. I was so blessed by your item number 558 X fruit of the Spirit pamphlet and I’ve held onto it for so long its getting old and weathered is it possible I can get another one like this no if you could send one please send it to [BLOCKED FOR PRIVACY] to Audrey McKinney thank you and God bless you

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