[Free eChart] “History of Halloween” + Bible Study Questions!

Free “History of Halloween” eChart

Includes Practical Ideas and a Discussion Guide Addressing the Question:
Should Believers Celebrate Halloween?


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Should Christians celebrate Halloween? There are many strong opinions, views, and even myths out there about Halloween. Get a clear overview of the history of Halloween with this week’s free eChart. Discover the Christian roots of Halloween, uncover common myths about it, and learn practical ways to shine God’s light to others during this holiday season. This week’s free eChart also includes a discussion guide you can use with your small group or family. Whether you celebrate holidays or not, this season provides a unique opportunity to shed God’s light. Now you can turn the “fright” of Halloween into a “light” for Jesus!

“Adopts a compelling ‘golden mean’ between the more common ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ Christian publications about Halloween…[it’s] a ‘must read’ for any Christians pondering the celebration of Halloween.”—Steven H. Propp, Customer Review

This week’s free eChart is just 3 pages from Rose’s Christian Origins of Halloween, a quick-reference guide that answers 5 key questions about Halloween. Get it now for just 99¢
Please Note: Our weekly eCharts are provided as a free service, but it does cost us time and money to create and send these emails. Any order from Rose-Publishing.com is appreciated!

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Christian Origins of Halloween Pamphlet

Christian Origins of Halloween PamphletOverall Rating: 5 Stars
Many Christians dislike Halloween, believing that it is rooted in a pagan holiday. But, is it? How should Christians respond to this holiday? Can we “reclaim” it?
October 31st wasn’t always a celebration associated with candy, costumes, and scary ghosts. Find out the true history of Halloween and discover how it once honored Christian martyrs with this quick-reference pamphlet. Packed with simple summaries and fascinating facts, this pamphlet helps you dive into the surprising Christian history of this controversial holiday! Using a simple Q&A format, this incredible pamphlet helps address 5 common myths about Halloween. Here’s just some key features:

    1. Solid Overview. Discover the true origins of Halloween and why Christians originally celebrated it. (Covers All Saints’ Day)
    2. Easy-to-Understand. Uncover how Halloween got confused with a “day of the dead.” Find out how witches, ghosts, and trick-or-treating became key symbols of Halloween.
    3. Packed with fascinating facts. Find out why Martin Luther intentionally chose Oct. 31st to post his 95-theses, which sparked the Protestant Reformation.
    4. Practical. Get a brief overview on how to handle key symbols of Halloween (such as the jack-o-lantern) and turn them into something positive. Features new ideas for celebrating October 31 that honor the Lord and reclaims this holiday.

Perfect for leaders, parents, youth groups, history buffs, and any Christian who wants to know how to use Halloween as a ministry opportunity.

“I love this pamphlet! I am especially glad that this pamphlet gives the true history.” — Rich Buhler, Broadcaster, speaker, author and founder of TruthOrFiction.com

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Christian History Timeline Pamphlet

Christian History Timeline PamphletOverall Rating: 5 Stars
With Reformation Sunday coming up soon, now’s the prefect time to dive into Christian History! Easily cover 2,000 years of church history in a single glance with this fold-out timeline!
With hundreds of events spanning over thousands of years of Church history, you may wonder, What do I really need to know?
Enjoy getting a clear overview of more than 200 key dates, people, and events in an easy to understand way! This illustrated time line shows 2,000 years of history, beginning with the birth of Christ and continuing through modern times! Easily cover everything from the expansion of Christianity, Bible translation into other languages, and world missions.
Its pictures and easy-to-follow format makes this is a must-have resource for understanding church history. It covers:

  • How we got the Bible and different Bible translations
  • Key events throughout Church and world history—Council of Nicaea, the emergence of Islam, Great Schism, the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, the Reformation, creation of major denominations, Great Awakening, and more!
  • Key leaders, such as St. Francis of Assisi, Wycliffe, Martin Luther, Erasmus, Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, John Wesley, and more!
  • World missions and the expansion of Christianity throughout history (Hudson Taylor, William Carey, Livingstone, Bonhoeffer, etc.)!

Perfect for personal use, Bible Studies, New Believer’s classes. Conveniently fits inside most Bible covers !

“I really like this time line. The colors are bright and attractive. The facts are interesting and easy to read…With this time line one can see at a glance when a certain person lived.” — Katheleen, ChristianBook review

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24 Ways to Explain the Gospel Pamphlet

24 Ways to Explain the Gospel PamphletOverall Rating: 4.5 Stars
Imagine having 24 practical ways to explain the gospel at your fingertips! Includes illustrations for all ages!
Churches will often encourage members to share the Good News, especially during holiday seasons such as Halloween and Christmas. But, salvation can be a difficult topic to explain. So, the question is not should we share the gospel—but how?
Enjoy having dozens of word pictures and illustrations that will help you (and those you teach) explain the Gospel in an easy-to-understand way. Using common experiences and ideas (such as gardening, a campfire, or joining a family), this pamphlet provides a clear overview of 24 different ways you can explain the Gospel. It also covers four “evangelism plans” that you can use to present the message of the Gospel in a simple yet effective way. Enjoy having easy-to-understand explanations and illustrations for these key truths:

  • In Jesus, we find complete forgiveness
  • Jesus promises to give us new and abundant life
  • Jesus promises to make us free from all bondage
  • Jesus promises to give us lasting peace

Individual use, Bible studies, small group discussions, discipleship classes, evangelism training, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question.

“This is a fantastic little fold-out pamphlet that all Christians would benefit from having. Its primary aim is to aid evangelism, but I think it’s also great for helping people understand the Gospel for themselves. If Christians understood each of these Biblical pictures or explanations of the Gospel, I think they would not only love the Lord more for seeing what He’s done, but they’d also be better equipped for casual evangelistic conversations. Truly a great resource.” — Aaron A., customer review on Amazon

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10 Keys to Witnessing to Cults Pamphlet

10 Keys to Witnessing to Cults PamphletOverall Rating: 5 Stars
As Christians, you (and those you teach) already have a desire to share the good news. So the question is not should you reach out to others—it is how? This is a difficult question to answer, especially when it comes to witnessing to those in cults, who often use the same terms as we do (Jesus, Salvation and God) and who seemed to be trained to answer questions.
Get insight and practical advice on 10 key ways to effectively reach out to those in a cult with this easy-to-use pamphlet. Find out how to witness in a loving, respectful and informed way to the cults at your door, your work, and in your neighborhood. Tips include spotting common objections cultists are trained to answer, strategic questions to ask, and easy ways to demonstrate Jesus’ deity, plus much more.

  • Includes over a dozen conversation starters/questions that are an easy (non-awkward) way to start up discussions on God, Jesus, and the Gospel of salvation.
  • Provides a quick overview on basic Bible teachings and essential doctrines—including the Trinity, the deity of Jesus, and salvation. Includes key scriptures.
  • Exposes the common ways cultists and Christians misunderstand each other and gives 7 helpful Do’s and Don’ts on how to talk to an ex-cultist.
  • Gives 5 tips on how to effectively share your testimony (great for witnessing to any group)

Perfect for individual use, group study, evangelism training, New Believer’s classes, Sunday School, or to keep in the cover of your Bible as a quick-reference.

“First and foremost the guide is written from a loving and logical perspective. Dr. Rhodes lays out 10 basic apologetic principles in the context of traditional cults, meaning religions that have different views on traditional Christian core doctrines. The pamphlet is laid out in a simple to understand way.” — Dennis Meek, customer review on Amazon

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Breaking the Bonds of Fear Pamphlet

Breaking the Bonds of Fear PamphletOverall Rating: 5 Stars
“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.”—Corrie Ten Boom
When it comes to handling fear, you can only handle so much. Although others may warn us to “stop worrying so much.” It is hard to know what to do when the fear sets in and life starts stressing you out. In this pamphlet, Joni exposes the root cause of most fear and stress and explains how to overcome it. Pulling from her own experience and from key Bible verses, Joni shows how to move from fear to faith through a deepened understanding of the love and power of Christ in your life. Experience the peace that comes from bathing your mind in the truth of God’s word.
Includes sample prayers, simple summaries, relevant insights, and more!

With Halloween at the end of the month, now’s the perfect time to talk about the topics of fear. Perfect for personal use, small group use, or to hand to a friend for encouragement.

“The author is an amazing Christian woman who brings a new definition to the term “overcomer.” Fear is the opposite of trust and a clear enemy of Christian faith. This easy-to-understand booklet will empower readers at any stage of growth.” — Regina M. Prude, Rose customer review

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