Emotional Abuse: 9 Steps Towards Healing

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9 Steps Toward Healing

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From the pain of abandonment to the sting of careless words, studies show that the damage from emotional abuse lasts far longer than the damage from any other kind of abuse. Bruises from physical abuse can been seen, but the wounds from emotional abuse can be difficult to see and are often overlooked. This week’s NEW FREE eChart provides simple summaries, key definitions, and a basic overview on emotional abuse. Featuring practical advice and life applications, it defines what emotional abuse is, what causes it, and how to heal after enduring it. It includes 9 key steps toward healing you can use to help others.
This free eChart includes:

This FREE eChart is just a small section out of June Hunts’ book, Verbal and Emotional Abuse. To find out more information on Verbal and Emotional Abuse as well as 41 other relevant topics, including Depression, Forgiveness, Loneliness, and more, check out Rose’s Complete June Hunt Resource Library. Click here to save $68 on this complete box set of 42 titles.
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Faith Foundations

“Everyone tells you to forgive, but no one tells you how to! This book does just that and backs it up with scripture. Wonderful to finally understand forgiveness, God’s Way”—Anna, Amazon Customer Review


Contemporary Concerns

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Chronic Illness and Disability
  • Dysfunctional Family
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Adultery
“People struggling with depression need to know that help is available and relief is possible. This mini-book provides a quick overview about depression along with both practical and spiritual helps suitable for individuals or counselors.” — April McCallum, Blogger


Rising Above Abuse

“A very helpful guide that clearly defines terms and gives a good understanding of painful relationship dynamics. Simple to read and understand. Gives a lot of clarity.”— J. Sandoval, Amazon Customer Review


Emotional Healing

“I wanted to underline so much of the book that I decided just to keep it nearby with my devotion workbooks and turn to it again when those feelings of rejection pop up.” — FireFightersWife, Amazon customer review


Contemporary Concerns (Especially For Young Adults)

“Best book on singleness I’ve ever read…I am a single man, and have found this book to be very helpful and biblical. It gives practical, biblical answers to those seeking to find peace and contentment in singleness. ” — James, Amazon Customer Review


Improving Leadership and Life Skills

“Lots of great definitions and helpful scenarios.”
—Roxanne Fawley, Amazon customer review


Healthy Relationships

“This book is written in down to earth language and is easy to understand… It gives examples and do-able techniques for handling emotional conflicts.” — Deborah Jones, Amazon Customer Review


Overcoming Addictions and Unhealthy Habits

“June Hunt does an extraordinary job of presenting a complex problem. She offers concrete solutions, along with specific, biblically based courses of action…As a former drug and alcohol counselor…I give these mini-books very high marks.”— John March

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