Pregnant, Lost, and Alone… But There is Hope.

Like an anvil, a dollar-store clock pounds loudly in the empty lobby. Each percussive second that bounces off the whitewashed walls reminds her how alone she is. But it’s an odd calm compared to the screaming and I-told-you-so’s that crushed her outstretched cries for help and compassion hours ago.
She feels worthless. Dirty. Certain that a little pink “+” sign has never made anyone feel as trapped and helpless as she feels. For maybe the first time in her life, she bows her head, despite the swirling chaos in her heart, and prays to someone — anyone — that might be there.
“God? I don’t know who you are, but I need your help… I messed up, and I don’t know what to do.”
Whether alone in a lobby or in a crowd of thousands, she is just the kind of person Jesus is drawn to.
There are 1.21 million abortions performed in the U.S. each year. There are about 2,500 pregnancy help centers that provide life-giving abortion alternatives (such as adoption) to women caught in the crisis of unplanned pregnancy.
Last year, we partnered with Ride for Life 2014 benefiting pregnancy help centers. The funds raised from the 2014 ride were able to purchase 750 acrylic displays filled with Hope for the Heart biblical counseling books. We’ve been receiving letters from grateful staff members and volunteers sharing their testimonies and even reordering the encouraging titles!

“When we received the books on Friday May 1st. 2015, we felt as though their arrival had been perfectly timed. as we had a client come in that was in need of such reassurance and guidance offered by the books. Thank you again…”
“These books address so many of the issues our young ladies (and all of us) struggle with. We appreciate being a recipient of these useful tools and pledge to make good use of them. Thank you!”

Our thanks and appreciation goes out to Ride for Life 2014 and their generous hearts towards these ministries and for sharing the gospel with those that are asking and seeking!PHC Return card-Aspire rack-1
If you are connected with a pregnancy center that would like to order one of these sets, call our customer service reps, toll-free, at (800) 532-4278.

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