You Wrote, and We’re Responding!

Rose Around the World

Our books and pamphlets get around! Readers and our staff have submitted photos of themselves with our titles from across the globe as evidence. Can you guess where they are? (Answers below)

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Lynnette_IowaE. World_RaechelNZF.

Got a picture you’d like to send us? Email raechel[at] with your photo and written permission to allow us to share it on our site and it can be added to our Rose Around the World album on Facebook!

testimoniesAs part of a continuation of our Testimonies from the Front series, we wanted to share this story from our reader Cindy H. and how she was able to minister to her family with small but powerful gestures:

Recently I took a trip to see several family members in the Midwest and along the east coast. Since I was flying, then driving, and had a single carry-on bag I wanted to take something to them that didn’t take up much room. Fortunately, I’ve been taking advantage of your pamphlet sales whenever they came around and I remembered I had several extras. I packed over a 1-inch stack of a variety of your pamphlets for my trek and prayed before I left that I would be able to share these pamphlets with my family members as I visited with them (some are believers and some are not).

We keep in touch as a family—probably more than most—but I have not been to see some of them for many, many years (opposite coasts). At nearly every stop I had the opportunity to spread out the pamphlets in my hand like a deck of cards and simply told them that I didn’t have much room in my suitcase but wanted to bring a little something to them, and did anyone want one or two? I was surprised which of my relatives gladly chose a pamphlet after looking over the titles. I was happy that my prayers were answered and by the end of the trip I only had one pamphlet remaining! Not only was I able to witness with my life (and I did have plenty of discussions that led to what I believe and why) but I was able to provide my relatives with some written material that might urge them along in their spiritual journeys.

Thank you so much for providing all the fantastic publications—print and electronic. You helped me to make my vacation and family visits much more meaningful and purposeful! God bless you!

Cindy H., Long-time-very-satisfied-customer

Thanks so much, Cindy! We’re glad you were able to share our pamphlets with your family members. We pray that they receive more revelation about who God is and how He loves them.

Inspired to try something similar? Click here to make the most out of your visits with friends and family with these pamphlets!

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Answers to Rose Around the World: A. Israel B. China. C. Hong Kong D. Zambia E. United States (Iowa) F. New Zealand



One Thought on “You Wrote, and We’re Responding!

  1. Gretchen Goldsmith on May 16, 2015 at 12:17 pm said:

    These are great ideas. I’ve taken extra copies of Christianity, Cults & Religions and given them to taxi drivers. Everyone wants to know how various religions define God and what they do with Jesus. I’ve never had anyone say no.

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