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download_bannerYou’ve become a believer and, perhaps, even joined a church. Wonderful! Your wonderful and challenging journey has just begun. The church as God’s people has existed for many hundreds of years. The church you’re becoming part of has likely been around for a few years already. How do you, being new to Christianity and the different practices in your specific congregation, go about being an active member in the life of the church?
The good news is that God himself will help each believer fit into God’s church. The way God does this is through the special empowering of the Holy Spirit. God not only promised to be with each of his people “to the very end of the age” (Matt. 28:20), but he also promised to give us all the tools we need to serve him and each other — “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you” (Acts 1:8).


Although most Christians have heard about spiritual gifts, many Christians (over 63%) are not sure which spiritual gift they have. Some Christians don’t think they have a spiritual gift at all… while others claim gifts not in the Bible, such as “a good sense of humor.” So, how can you help others know and use their spiritual gifts?

FREE Spiritual Gifts eChart

Includes a Printable Spiritual Gifts Test & Covers 4 Lists of Spiritual Gifts from the Bible

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Easily see what spiritual gifts are listed in the Bible and find out which spiritual gift you (and those you teach) may have with this week’s free eChart. There are 4 specific lists describing the gifts of the Holy Spirit included in the Bible. This FREE eChart features a quick-reference chart that shows all 4 lists at a glance—and it includes a fantastic short spiritual gifts test which will help you accurately learn or confirm your spiritual gift(s). Believers are given Spiritual Gifts to help grow and build up the body of Christ. By answering a few simple questions, you will be able to see if your gifts tend toward:

  • Mercy
  • Teaching
  • Leadership
  • Or one of the eight other spiritual gifts.

This FREE eChart is just a small part of the bestselling pamphlet, Spiritual Gifts, which features simple summaries of each spiritual gift alongside a full-length spiritual gifts test. Save 50% when you order it today
Please Note: Our weekly eCharts are provided as a free service, but it does cost us time and money to create and send these emails. Any order from Rose-Publishing.com is appreciated!

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One Thought on “Want to Know Your Spiritual Gift?

  1. Thank you for delving into the significance of gifts in our lives. Your insights inspire gratitude and reflection on the unique blessings we receive.

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