Rose Reveals WORDsearch Vol. 2!

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Rose's WORDsearch Library

Today Only! Save over $135 when you buy the NEW WORDsearch Rose Publishing Library, Vol. 2 . This is the best bundle deal of Rose products on the market, with 55 Rose bestsellers on one all-inclusive disc. Includes 42 pamphlets, 12 books, and 1 Bible map insert. Enjoy having all the titles offered on Vol. 1 plus 32 more bestsellers! This disc has a $237.35 retail value, but you save 60% when you order today.

Now you can easily access and store a wide variety of our most popular products on your computer, making it easier and faster than ever to quickly find the information you need!

Packed with pictures, diagrams, maps, and commentaries, this easy-to-use disc shows Bible information in a way that is easy to understand and easy to share with others. (It’s your shortcut to having a fully-stocked reference library at your fingertips). Easily search and navigate through:

  • 12 Complete Books—Bible Overview, Tabernacle, Temple, Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy, Rose Bible Map Atlas, Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps, Christian History Made Easy, and more!
  • 1 Then and Now Bible Map Insert — which shows where Bible places are located today!
  • 42 pamphlets that add depth to any Old or New Testament Bible study. Covers:
    • Feasts of the Bible, Christ in the Passover, 21 Names of God
    • Book of Revelation, 4 Views of the End Times
    • Fruit of the Spirit, Armor of God, 100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus!
    • How We Got the Bible, Islam and Christianity, and dozens of Christian living topics

PLUS! It includes the full version of WORDsearch software that’s loaded with additional resources: 2 versions of the entire Bible, Commentaries (Matthew Henry), Illustrated Dictionary, Bible Reading Plans, and more! The best part is that the disc is all-inclusive and easy-to-use. No additional program is necessary.

Perfect for individual use, teaching, or to give as a present. Get it now and save 60%.

“There’s no better wide-spectrum resource than what Rose Publishing provides. So many areas, so many experts, all doctrinally sound and great communicators. Thanks for being there!” —Peter Benson at KNKT Radio, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Whether you’re hungry for biblical knowledge and don’t know where to begin or you’re a seasoned student of the Bible that wants to dig deeper into God’s Word, this bestselling WordSearch Rose Publishing Library is just the place to start. Hurry! This special flash sale ends tonight at midnight. Click here to find out more

Here’s the 4 Key Features of Volume 2:

  1. Enjoy the convenience of having 55 Rose bestsellers on one disc (Volume 2 has everything featured on Volume 1 PLUS 32 extra titles!)
  2. Quickly find the information you need! You’re going to be amazed at the powerful searching functions built into this DISC. Search by topic, category, cross-reference, or scripture references— and relevant results will pop up in seconds!
  3. See key information at glance! It’s packed with easy-to-understand diagrams, illustrations, maps, photos, charts, time lines, and simple summaries that cover a variety of Old and New Testament topics. (Easily zoom into maps/pictures to get a closer look!)
  4. Features additional resources to help you dig even deeper: Full Holoman and King James Bible, Commentaries (Matthew Henry), Illustrated Dictionary, Bible Reading Plans, and more!

SAVE over $135 when you buy the NEW WORDsearch Rose Library, Vol. 2—Just $99 (retail: $237.35). Get it now while supplies still last!

Check Out the 55 Incredible Rose Products You’ll Get on 1 Disc:

12 Complete Rose Books, including:

    Rose Then and Now Bible Map Atlas : 120 detailed Bible maps and incredible insights into the lives of 30 important Bible people. Includes incredible insight into the cultural and historical background of the Bible!

    Rose Guide to the Tabernacle: Explains the History and Symbolism of the Tabernacle.

    Rose Guide to the Temple: Full-color overview of the Temple throughout history. Includes more than 100 images, charts, and diagrams.

    Bible Overview: Quickly grasp all 66 books of the Bible at a glance! Includes clear overviews, key verses, timelines, and more!

    Deluxe Then and Now Bible Map Book Includes 29 full-color maps! Shows modern-day cities and countries in red.

    Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy : Easy-to-understand overview of ALL key Scriptures on end-times prophecy throughout the Bible. Covers each of the 4 different end-times views held by Christians and explains key terms, such as 666, antichrist, mark of the Beast, dispensation, and more!

    Christian History Made Easy: Covers the most important events in the history of the church in an easy-to-understand way, from the time of Jesus to modern day.

1 Then and Now Bible Map Insert

    Easily see where Bible places are located today!

42 Rose Reference Pamphlets, including:

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