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“Rose pamphlets are easy to read, easy to carry in our Bibles, and easy to use as basic references. Plus, I often give them as gifts!”— Karen Olson, Coordinator of Church Leaders, Fountain Valley, CA

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Psalms Pamphlet

Psalms Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

The book of Psalms has 150 chapters, at least 8 authors, and it took over 500 years to complete! Enjoy having a simple overview on the entire book of Psalms with this incredible pamphlet!

You already know worship and prayer are important. So, the question is not should I worship God, but how can I add depth to my worship? How can I praise God even when I feel distracted or discouraged?

The book of Psalms shows us how to worship and cry out to God during any season—in the height of joy and the depths of defeat. Find out how to read Psalms and practically apply its principles of praise, thanksgiving, and comfort to your life with this incredible Bible Study Pamphlet! Packed with fantastic study insights, comparison charts, and practical advice, it provides a clear overview, including:

Perfect for individual use, group Bible studies, giveaways, and more!

Psalms Pamphlet

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Understanding the Book of Revelation Pamphlet

Understanding the Book of Revelation Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

The book of Revelation is an exciting, yet often misunderstood book of the Bible. Christians for centuries have wondered (and disagreed) exactly what it means. Enjoy having a solid, easy-to-understand overview of the entire book of Revelation with this Bible Study pamphlet. Perfect for individual and group use.

Find out how each of the 4 common end-times views (Historicist, Preterist, Futurist, and Idealist) interpret key symbols and passages, including seven churches, seven seals, 144,000, millennium, 666, mark of the beast, and more.

Enjoy having—

  • A clear and easy-to-understand overview— covering the author, date, major themes, major symbols, and 4 major interpretations of the Book of Revelation.
  • Full-color maps showing the location of the 7 churches: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea
  • Simple summaries on key symbols in the Book of Revelation, including:
    • 7 Seals, the 7 Churches, 144,000, Mark of the Beast, 666
    • Persecuted Woman, the 7 Trumpets, the 7 Bowls, Great Prostitute
    • Fall of Babylon, New Heaven and New Earth, Healing of the nations

“Very helpful to anyone that is and or will study Revelation … this gives many viewpoints and summarizes them well. [It] does not seem biased to any one view.”
— R.K. Marsh, customer review on amazon

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Beatitude Pamphlet

Beatitude Pamphlet
Overall Rating: 5 Stars

“A child of God should be a visible Beatitude” — Charles Spurgeon

You (and those you teach) already know we are called to represent Christ wherever we go. But, often times we wonder, how?

    How can I continue to put God first when surrounded by a world with different standards? How can I help others live their lives with the Kingdom of God in mind?

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount answers these very questions. Jesus gave us the beatitudes to help us understand what the Kingdom of God looks like—and how to live the “Kingdom” life now. Enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview on each beatitude with this bestselling Bible study pamphlet. Dig deeper into the meaning of each beatitude and find out how to practically apply it your life. Discover what it means to be poor in spirit, meek, righteous, merciful, pure in heart, and more. Find out what the “The Kingdom of God” means and why it matters!

  • Go verse-by-verse through the Sermon on the Mount and find out how to practically apply its message to your life!
  • For each beatitude, you get a simple summary of its meaning and an explanation comparing “What the World Says” to “What Jesus Says.” See how God’s definition of peace, joy, and suffering differs from the world’s.
  • Enjoy having personal reflection questions on each beatitude. These thought-provoking questions will challenge and encourage you as you continue to grow in your walk with God.

Perfect for individual use, small group Bible study, 1-on-1 discipleship, and New Believer’s courses!

Beatitude Pamphlet

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10 Question and Answers about Angels Pamphlet

10 Question and Answers about Angels Pamphlet

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Find out what the Bible says (and doesn’t say) about angels.

There are many opinions, views, and even myths out there about angels. Some say that we all become angels when we die while others refuse to believe in angels at all. With all these different opinions, you may wonder, what’s actually true? and Why does talking about angels even matter?

Thankfully, the Bible is not silent on the topic of angels and includes dozens verses on them. Enjoy having a clear overview of what the Bible says about angels with this quick-reference pamphlet. Enjoy getting clear answers to common questions about angels and see how pop culture and other religions promote views that don’t line up with the Bible (the occult, New Age, Mormonism, etc). Use this pamphlet as a stand alone study or use it as a quick-reference.

  • Features easy-to-understand explanations, key scripture verses on angels, and incredible charts comparing angels to human; angels to Jesus; and more!
  • Answers over 10 common questions about angels, such as:
    • Will we become angels when we die? Do angels have bodies?
    • Are all angels good? Should we ask angels for guidance and try to talk with them?
    • How do you know if you have had an encounter?
    • Do we each have a guardian angels?

Plus! It explains the difference between spirits, angels, cherubim, seraphim, archangels, and more!

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Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses Pamphlet

Where to Find Your Favorite Bible Verses

Enjoy having hundreds of Bible verses organized by topic at your fingertips! Quickly and easily find verses you need on important topics, such as prayer, worrying, names of God, our identity in Christ, and more!

Easily slip this pamphlet into the cover of most Bibles—and pull it out during times of prayer, when someone asks you a question, or when preparing a lesson. You will refer to this incredible pamphlet again and again as you look through the Bible for important “nuggets” of wisdom and as you pray through the Scriptures.

  • Enjoy having Scripture that will strengthen and comfort you when you are afraid, angry, depressed, doubting salvation, envious, physically ill, lonely, tired, worried, tempted and more. Shows hundreds of verses
  • See tons of information at a glance with its quick-reference charts covering:
    • 10 Names of Jesus and 7 Names of God, such as El Shaddai, Jehovah Rapha, etc
    • Trinity (Find out the 8 characteristics shared by each member of the Trinity)
    • Our identity in Christ Jesus (Covers 33 attributes of our new identity in Christ. We are holy, loved, redeemed, children of God, ministers of reconciliation, and more.

Packed with charts and topical indexes, it’s perfect for individual use, small group Bible studies, New Believers, and church giveaways. It is also a great way to encourage a fellow believer!

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What the Bible Says About Forgiveness

What the Bible Says About Forgiveness

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

You already know that you (and those you lead) are called to forgive others. But, even as a believer, forgiving someone who hurt us can be a hard thing to do. And knowing how to gently encourage others to show forgiveness can be difficult too—especially, when we are faced with the question—how?

    How can I truly forgive someone who hurt me?
    What does “letting it go” actually look like?

Find out the answer to these questions and more in this incredible pamphlet. Enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview of key Bible stories on forgiveness, and get over 7 practical ways to let go of un-forgiveness and anger. It avoids “easier-said-than-done” suggestions and instead shares practical ways to forgive the seemingly unforgivable:

  • Answers common questions:What is forgiveness? Why do we need forgiveness? Why do we need to forgive others? Why is forgiving enemies tied to whether God will forgive us?
  • 7 Practical Ways to Forgive Others—includes simple explanations, practical advice, and key scriptures for each suggestion.
  • Helpful Comparison Charts, covering 5 common sources of un-forgiveness and 10 Bible stories on forgiveness, such as Joseph, David, the prodigal son, and the unmerciful servant.
  • 4 reasons to forgive and insights on forgiveness from individuals who personally understand the struggle to forgive and the liberating freedom that follows, such as Rebecca Alonzo (mother murdered before her eyes), Corrie ten Boom (Holocaust survivor), and Dietrich Bonhoeffer (German pastor imprisoned and executed for his opposition to Nazism).

DID YOU KNOW? According to a recent non-profit study, 90% of Americans desire to see more forgiveness and 62% say they need more forgiveness in their own lives. Give them practical steps on how to forgive with this incredible pamphlet.

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