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What is the one thing that differentiates Christianity from all other religions? Our savior died and rose again! What a glorious truth to celebrate as we count down the days until Good Friday and Easter. We have a special gift for you to remind you that Christ was prophesied and revealed not only in the New Testament, but in the Old Testament as well!
This Week’s Free eChart:
Enjoy learning about Joseph, the son of Jacob and Rachel. After Joseph’s jealous brothers threw him into a pit, he was taken to Egypt and sold as a slave. In Egypt, God blessed Joseph, who became second only to the king of Egypt. God used Joseph to bless the nations by wisely storing grain in times of abundance so they were ready for the famine to come. This eChart was taken from the pamphlet Christ in the Old Testament.
echart offerDon’t hesitate on buying the rest of this pamphlet! It’s only $2.99 today (reg. $3.99). That’s a 25% savings! This pamphlet will change the way you celebrate Easter by showing you how Christ was revealed in the Old Testament!

Christ in the Old Testament
This pamphlet explores the lives of 13 biblical people who “prefigured” the Messiah. Throughout the Old Testament, God provided “saviors” for the people of Israel who would foreshadow the true, eternal Savior yet to come. Understanding stories such as Joseph or Abraham and how they point to Christ helps us trust in God’s provision and wisdom in all things. This 14-panel foldout chart examines figure types, parallels, and illustrations of Jesus throughout the Old Testament, including people such Melchizedek, King David, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, and many others. When viewed through the prism of Christ’s life, death and resurrection, these Old Testament characters and their roles in biblical history take on new dimensions.
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