Rose Then and Now Bible Map Insert vs. Sonlight Bible Map Insert

Rose Publishing Then and Now Bible Map InsertTrying to decide between Sonlight’s Bible Map Insert and Rose Publishing’s Then and Now Bible Map Insert (ISBN: 9781596362932)? Let’s break down the differences…

How are they limited?

  • —No Bible map insert this size can show every location mentioned the Bible.
  • —Both show only major locations on the maps.

This is okay because both inserts are FAR BETTER than what comes in the back average study Bible.

What does Rose’s “Then and Now”® Bible Map Insert Have that Sonlight’s Doesn’t?

  1. Rose has 22 maps, SonLight has 13
  2. Rose has 8 “Then and Now” clear plastic overlays, SonLight has 4.
  3. Rose has 22 color maps, SonLight has 7.
  4. Rose has larger type (8-10 pt), SonLight has 5-6 point type.
  5. Rose has maps of:
    • United Kingdom
    • Divided Kingdom
    • Separate maps for studying Genesis: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph’s Journeys
    • 4 separate maps of Paul’s Missionary Journeys + his journey to Rome

What major features does SonLight have that Rose doesn’t?

  1. SonLight includes a floor plan of the Temple and Tabernacle.
  2. SonLight has 13 pages of index with every place in the Bible, but its maps show only major locations.
  3. SonLight has 2 topographical maps (no altitudes).

Features People Want THE MOST in a Bible Map Insert


Rose’s Then and Now® Bible Map Insert

SonLight’s Bible Map Insert

Fits inside Bible Cover?
More maps




All maps are inviting and beautiful in full color


Type size: Larger 8-10 pt type


More “Then and Now” clear plastic overlays


So What’s the Overall Difference?

Rose Publishing’s Then and Now® Maps has the following advantages:

  • Double the number of “Then and Now” clear plastic overlays
  • Nearly double the number of maps
  • All maps are full-color maps
  • More readable type size

Download This Presentation for Your Finance or Church Board Members Meeting

Click on the link to a PowerPoint explaining how Rose Publishing’s ultra thin Bible Map Insert compares to others on the market! You’ll be shocked at some of the differences!
Rose vs Sonlight Bible Map Insert



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