Many Christians Don’t Know What They Believe and Why

It’s shocking that so many Christians cannot explain the 14 key beliefs of Christianity. Volunteers, lay leaders, Bible studies, and even Sunday school teachers occasionally make major mistakes when teaching children, youth, and even adults about the core of Christianity. Click here to find out more now.
What do Christians believe about these key topics and why?

  • God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity
  • The Human Condition, Salvation
  • Christ’s sinlessness, the Virgin Birth, His nature
  • Jesus’ atoning death, the Resurrection
  • And more

Essential Doctrine Made Easy pamphlet, written by Dr. Norman Geisler, outlines and explains 14 key beliefs embraced by believers around the world, such as Christ’s Virgin Birth, Atoning Death, and Bodily Resurrection. This bestselling pamphlet looks at each doctrine and asks two essential questions:

  • What Do I Actually Need to Believe?
  • What Is At Stake Here?
“This colorful, eye-friendly, brief, but excellent summary of Christian doctrine pamphlet is beautifully done. The Essentials are given and explained in concise form. There is also a helpful chart on how other religious groups treat these essentials. A great little fold-out that is done on glossy paper for durability. It is a handy resource to have or to give away.”customer review from

Every Christian should know these 14 basics, and it is easier to teach than most churches realize! You don’t have to read a 300-page book. You can read a quick, simple 14-page full-color pamphlet.

  • FAST – This pamphlet explains each doctrine in just two or three sentences.
  • BIBLICAL – The Scriptures behind each belief are clearly spelled out.
  • RELEVANT – Compares the beliefs of other religious groups to see how they modify or deny some of the key beliefs.
  • EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND – Includes a glossary of key terms: Ascension, Grace, Incarnation, and more.

The eChart lists the 14 essential beliefs. The Essential Doctrine Made Easy pamphlet goes far beyond: It gives an explanation, Scripture passages, definitions, and a comparison chart of other religions.
This is the ultimate short explanation of Christian doctrines.
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