Three Recommended Resources for Single Mothers

Churches often wonder what kind of information to provide for single mothers.

For many single parents, the shock of having to raise kids alone along with the feeling of rejection and loss, causes them to doubt that God has a good plan for their life. It’s important that they know God’s promises and embrace their identity in Jesus Christ. —Gretchen Goldsmith, 14-year veteran volunteer single parents group leader.

Gretchen recommends these three resources:

  1. Bible Promises— Single parents often worry about paying their bills, finding security for the future, and dealing with their loneliness. This handy list of Bible promises fits inside a Bible cover and is packed with comforting verses that remind us that God provides for us and he will never leave us or forsake us.

  2. Who I Am in Christ—The loss of a relationship often includes the loss of identity. Rather than feeling the security of belonging to someone, single parents often feel cut adrift. Some struggle to fit into their church and feel like outsiders looking in. This is when reminders of God’s love are so important. In him, we are “beloved,” “forgiven,” “redeemed,” “rescued,” and more. This is the new identity that no one and no circumstance can take away.

  3. 100 Things to Know When Dating—One of the most common mistakes is for single parents to jump into the dating pool and start a serious relationship too early. They often rationalize it saying, “I’m older now and I know a good person when I see one.” Well, unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way. This pamphlet gives objective questions and encourages people to use their head in addition to their heart.



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