FREE “Christ in the Old Testament”

FREE “Christ in the Old Testament: Joseph and Jesus” pdf.  See five ways the life of Joseph parallels the life of Jesus Christ. Download here.
In this comparison we see the foreshadowing  [Download by clicking HERE]

  • Joseph was rejected and betrayed and condemned by those who should have stood with him.
  • Joseph was an exemplary servant in Potiphar’s house. Though given opportunities to compromise, he did not.
  • He was unjustly accused and condemned and sent to a dungeon.
  • He was lifted up by Pharaoh to be his right hand.
  • Joseph revealed himself after breaking bread with those who had been his tormentors.
  • He forgave them and saved their lives.

Foreshadowing, symbolism, subtlety, poetry: the Bible is beautiful in both simplicity and in complexity.

This is just one panel from a 14-panel full-color pamphlet that compares the lives of many Old Testament figures with Jesus Christ.  In each we learn more about God’s deep and meaningful plan for the world.
Other comparisons with Jesus include Adam, Noah, Abraham, Melchizedek, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Elijah and Elisha, Zerubbabel and Joshua. The full pamphlet is available here, or as a download PDF.
How to use this

  • Perfect for personal study and Bible reading. Understand these favorite biblical people from a different vantage point
  • Use as a Bible study for a small group or home fellowship. Each comparison is perfect to fill one session. Read the Scripture passages given and discuss the key points. You may do all of the comparisons or just pick a few key characters to fill in a few weeks.
  • Use the discussion questions to stimulate conversation and go deeper. “Joseph was abused, betrayed, and mistreated, yet he like Christ was a blessing even to those who hurt him. How does that apply to your life?”



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