What Was Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh?


What Was Paul’s “Thorn in the Flesh?” The Apostle Paul endured great hardships to serve the Lord (2 Corinthians 11:23-29). Yet something tormented Paul and was an incredible burden for him. Paul referred to this burden as “a thorn in the flesh” (2 Corinthians 12:7). No one knows exactly what this “thorn” represented. Some suggest Continue Reading

9 Warning Signs of Spiritual Abuse in Church


Spiritual abuse is no new idea. There are some very subtle ways that abuse can hide in the Church, and we want to help you spot them! Go through the list and think about what you may notice around you, at your church, workplace, or community. This doesn’t mean that you’re in a cult or Continue Reading

Free Armor of God eChart on the Shield of Faith

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Free Armor of God eChart on the Shield of Faith Deepen your understanding of the Armor of God with this incredible overview on the “Shield of Faith.” Find out how ancient Roman soldiers used “shields” in battle to protect themselves and how soldiers worked together to ultimately defeat the enemy. Paul warned the believers in Continue Reading

Trivia: Which Leper Returned to Thank Jesus for Healing?


To celebrate our NEW Miracles of Jesus DVD-Based Study we’re bringing you some fun trivia! Let’s see how you guys do: The leper that thanked Jesus for his healing was a [FILL IN THE BLANK]. A) Canaanite B) Israelite C) Philistine D) Samaritan Do you know your Bible trivia? Find the answers at the bottom Continue Reading

Free eChart: Life of Joseph

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Free eChart: Life of Joseph Includes a timeline, chart, family tree, and more! Send this printable PDF to your friends, family, pastors, worship directors, church leaders, children Sunday School leaders, and small group members FOR FREE! From a pit, to a prison, and finally to a palace, Joseph’s story is an incredible reminder of God’s Continue Reading

Archaeology: Biblical Philistines Found!


An archaeological discovery this week unveiled some of the most notorious and feared people of the Bible: the Philistines. Until recently, it seemed that the Philistines were a people that vanished without a trace. In the approximate geographic location of Ashkelon (southern Israel), weapons, tools, pottery, homes, a writing system, and more had been uncovered, Continue Reading

Free Islam & Christianity eChart: Religion & Beliefs Comparison

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FREE Islam and Christianity eChart: Compare Beliefs about Muhammad, Jesus, Quran, and the Bible Send this printable PDF to those you disciple, your friends, family, pastors, church leaders, youth group leaders, and small group members FOR FREE! Recent events here in the United States and abroad have caused many to wonder: What exactly do Muslims Continue Reading

Help! My Church is a Pokemon Go Gym or Pokestop


Last week a popular new app was released and it’s probably affecting your church. Countless churches and communities have been trying to figure out how to respond to visitors/players of the new Pokemon Go app. What do I do if my church is Pokemon Go Gym or a Pokestop? A new app isn’t normally something Continue Reading

How to Respond to False Teachings


Not too long ago we had a question in response to our post 3 Tips for Leading a Successful Bible Study. We thought we’d blog about it and share the question and our response here!: I’m wondering what you suggest when Bible study leaders teach things that are clearly against what Scripture teaches? The article Continue Reading

5 Verses on Fighting Depression


Depression and the Whole-Person Treatment There are five keys to overcoming depression that when integrated together provide a pathway to successful, long-term recovery. How do I know? I am privileged to watch this recovery take place in the lives of people all the time. The five keys to overcoming depression are based on my whole-person Continue Reading

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