Free eChart: 4 Ways to Apply God’s Promises!


Oops! We sent out a sneak peek of an exciting upcoming post earlier this morning. You’ll have to wait till May to see the rest of it, but to apologize for the inconvenience, we want to give you this free eChart! 🙂 Free Bible Promises eChart: 4 Ways to Apply God’s Promises to Your Life Continue Reading

FREE eChart: 15 Myths About Forgiveness


Find out what forgiveness is… and what it is NOT with this week’s free eChart. Share this printable eChart with your friends, family, church leaders, and small group members FOR FREE! Covering everything from “time heals all wounds” to “just forget about it,” this week’s FREE eChart tackles 15 myths about forgiveness. Find out what Continue Reading

10 Free Reproducible Bible Activities for Kids


Rose is dedicated to making the Bible easy-to-understand… and that includes for kids! So, we want to offer you 10 incredible reproducible kids Bible activities for FREE! Download 10 Free Kids Bible Puzzles and Activities today when you sign up for the RoseKidz newsletter and get free kids Bible activities and incredible deals twice a Continue Reading

Jesus Hidden in the Passover (Passover Starts Tomorrow!)


Passover is Typically Ignored by Christians – But Should It Be? At most, we study the Passover feast when it’s mentioned in parts of our Bible study, whether it’s during the Exodus story or before Jesus’ crucifixion. Orthodox Jewish people continue to celebrate this festival of the Bible, but did you know that signs of Continue Reading

Arch. Evidence Shows Bible May Be Older Than Experts Think


Thanks to some researchers published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, we know a little more about when the Bible may have been written down… and a lot more about ancient Jewish society! New light has been shed on ostracons found near the Dead Sea. (No, ostracons aren’t a type of advanced Continue Reading

3 Proofs of the Exodus from Archaeology


We noticed you really enjoyed our Bible archaeology posts! Well, we hear you, and we wanted to bring you more! In this week’s post, we wanted to give you a look at the biblical archaeology evidence behind the Exodus story. Check out these 3 amazing finds!: 3 Proofs of the Exodus from Archaeology 1. Pithom Continue Reading

Free “Understanding Grief” eChart

Understanding Grief - Joni Eareckson Tada

Free “Understanding Grief” eChart: Find out the 5 Stages of Grief and Discover 5 Myths about Grief (and how to correct them)   Send this printable PDF to those your friends, family, pastors, church leaders, youth group leaders, and small group members FOR FREE! From denial and numbness to anger and depression, grief can be Continue Reading

14 People Accused of Being the AntiChrist


The beast and his mysterious number have led to all sorts of speculations throughout history about who the Antichrist might be. In retrospect, many of these identifications have seemed quite ridiculous—a fact that should cause us to hesitate before suggesting that someone might be the Antichrist today. Others are a little more believable. We’ll let Continue Reading

Free “Jesus’ Crucifixion: 7 Shocking Facts” eChart


Send this printable eChart to those you disciple, your friends, family, pastors, church leaders, youth group leaders, and small group members FOR FREE! In just a couple of weeks, believers around the world will celebrate Good Friday and Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross. On the day Jesus died on the cross, the earth shook Continue Reading

New Research Shows Church-Going Couples Happier


You’ve probably heard the argument that religious couples get divorced more often than couples with no religious affiliation, but the data doesn’t show the whole picture… It turns out when you differentiate religious affiliation from church attendance, you get a whole other story. In other words, your actions are louder than words. A new study Continue Reading

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