5 Affordable Bible Studies for Small Group (Plus FREE Bible Study Discussion Questions!)

Summer’s here! And you know what that means: a lot of Bible studies go on summer break! But what if your group wants to continue diving into the Word? After all, there are only so many out-of-town weeks you can take, right?

If your Bible study leader needs a break (maybe YOU’RE the leader), we’ve got some incredible resources you can use to make small group prep easy! You can find the FREE Bible study discussion questions here too! Plus, I’ve got an insider tip for you on quantity discounts here! Save when you buy for your whole small group! All you need are your Bibles, your group, and some of these:

100 Words Every Christian Should Know *NEW*

100 Words Every Christian Should Know is packed with easy-to-understand explanations of 100 commonly used terms and concepts in the Bible and church, such as justification, miracle, legalism, and more! Easily add depth to your Bible study and reading when you see each Bible term’s meaning at a glance! 14 fold out panels, unfolds to 33 inches long.

Unlike heavy dictionaries and Bible commentaries, which can be hard to quickly reference and carry around with you, this slimline pamphlet on the top 100 words and phrases is easy to carry and slips right into the back of your Bible! With the turn of a page, you can quickly reference 100 Christian terms like “holiness,” “justification,” “trinity,” and more PLUS their definitions and Bible references all at your fingertips!

>> Bible Study Questions on 100 Words Every Christian Should Know Here: Click and Scroll Down for FREE Bible Study Questions <<

12 Radical Teachings Of Jesus Bible Study Pamphlet *NEW*

Jesus challenges us to leaving behind convenience, comfort, security, money, and even family to follow him. He calls his disciples to abandon everything for the gospel, but how can we apply that to our 21st century lives? Without fully understanding the cultural context of Jesus’ day, it’s easy to dismiss or forget the important lessons he was teaching. Dig even deeper into the Bible as you see the background, meaning, and application of 12 key teachings of Jesus side-by-side at a glance.

With 12 quick-reference charts, this pamphlet covers the teachings of Jesus in a way few resources can—showing key verses, explanations, reflection questions, and insights at a glance. Includes cross references, application questions, and key points—perfect for quick reference and small group study. From forgiveness to unconditional love, dive into the radical gospel of Jesus at the turn of a page with this slimline pamphlet.

>> FREE 12 Radical Teachings Study Questions for Personal Use or Small Groups Here: Click and Scroll Down for FREE Bible Study Discussion Questions <<

Keep Reading for more FREE Bible study questions!

Major Prophets of the Bible Study Pamphlet

Enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview of the Major Prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel at your fingertips as you read through these key books of the Bible! Features simple summaries, quick-reference charts, an Old Testament map, time line, historical context, and more!

What do you need to know about each of the major prophets? Why did the Lord give them such strong warnings of disaster? How do they point to Christ? Find out the answer to these questions and more in Rose’s Major Prophets Pamphlet. Understanding the messages of the Major Prophets is key to understanding the whole of scripture. It is in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel that we hear not only warnings of disaster, but the prophetic proclamation of the coming of Christ and insight into God’s restoration plan. Enjoy having a solid overview on each of the Major Prophets that shows key information at a glance! Perfect for personal use, small groups, or to add depth to any Old Testament Bible study.

>> Discussion/Reflection Questions for the Major Prophets Pamphlet Here: Click and Scroll Down for FREE Bible Study Questions <<

The Life of Samson Bible Study Pamphlet

Samson was a supernaturally strong man chosen by God to free the nation of Israel. A hero of the Old Testament, he was also plagued by personal failures and weaknesses that led to his demise. But did you know that this incredible story is really about a gracious God that sent a flawed man to save an ever-disloyal Israel? Enjoy digging deeper and learning how God sent Samson as a type of “savior” to save Israel from the Philistines, foreshadowing the true Savior to come: Jesus Christ. Enrich your study with handy visuals and real-life application from the Life of Samson pamphlet!

Packed with a full-color map, stunning time line and 4 clear reference charts, this Life of Samson pamphlet will give biblical and cultural insight into Samson’s story and suggestions on how we can still apply lessons from his life today. Great for personal or group Bible study!

Without further ado, here are some FREE Bible study questions for your use!

>> FREE Discussion Questions for Life of Samson Pamphlet Here: Click and Scroll Down for FREE Bible Study Questions <<

Jonah Bible Character Study

The story of Jonah in the Bible is more than a children’s story about a great whale or fish. It’s a story of being obedient to God, even when we don’t want to.

How do you respond to unexpected change? To plans interrupted, perspectives challenged, and routines ruined? Do you hide from it, distracting yourself by staying busy? Do you resist it, questioning the new direction? Although change remains an unavoidable part of life, we naturally crave to maintain the stability of the familiar. Discover how to stay afloat despite life’s changes and interruptions in this excellent Jonah Bible Study.

>> FREE Jonah Bible Study Questions for Discussion or Journaling Here: Click and Scroll Down for FREE Bible Study Questions <<










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