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Catalogs vs. eMail Marketing

Our company found that by limiting our catalogs to people who have bought in the past two years, we were able to afford an email marketing person. Net effect? Our sales rose and our costs stayed the same. Continue Reading

Your Company’s Brand Recognition: How to Track It

I was always taught: “If you cannot track the exact results, your advertising investment is probably a waste of money.” I still believe that: Track-able advertising is far better than general advertising to create awareness for your brand. But now I have respect for the “Brand Awareness” that comes through track-able advertising Thanks to the Continue Reading

Social Media – Why do it?

Why should anyone spend their time on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or Twitter? Should company presidents and other leaders Tweet? Yes, here are six reasons. Google search ranking —  Social media blogs, tweets, and comments that include a link to your website increase your “link authority,” which makes it more likely to place higher on search Continue Reading