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Rose Stress Trivia – Day #5 and Answers!

This is the last day of Stress Trivia! Day #5! Thanks for playing along with us! We hope you found some encouragement in this series. Here is the trivia question for Day #5! Fill in the Blank: “_________, trauma, and hardship easily fool us into thinking rest is a luxury, something we can finally get Continue Reading

NEW Trivia: 5 Days of Stress Trivia – Day #1

We have a new trivia series for you! 2021 was a little stressful, but we hope to provide you with some fun trivia on the topic of stress and encourage you in your week. Starting today, we will be posting Bible-themed trivia posts on the topic of stress once a week for the next four Continue Reading

More Bible History Trivia!

HOW MANY HUMAN AUTHORS WROTE THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE? A) Fewer than 10 B) Between 10 and 25 C) At least 40 D) More than 100 Do you know your Bible history trivia? Find the answers at the bottom of the blog post! Or in our NEW SERIES, How We Got the Bible by Continue Reading