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3 Places Jesus Could Have Been Buried

Where was Jesus actually buried? Unfortunately Jerusalem hasn’t been marked out with signs the way a theme park might be, with arrows pointing to the various sites or attractions. In fact, centuries of conflict has destroyed or buried significant areas. As we observe Easter, let’s take a look at where Jesus could have been buried Continue Reading

COMING SOON: New Bible Archaeology Exhibit!

Flood Tablet - Rose Publishing

One of the oldest copies of the book of Matthew and an Arabic recording of Noah and the Flood?! These are just some of the amazing highlights of a new exhibit called Sacred Writings: Extraordinary Texts of the Biblical World. This one-time exhibition will be on display at the Penn Museum (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology) from Continue Reading

1500-Year Old Bible Discovery!

The second-oldest biblical writing (after the Dead Sea Scrolls) has just been found, furthering the existing evidence of biblical reliability! 45 years ago, a little charred scroll was unearthed at an excavation of a 4th century (AD) synagogue in Ein Gedi. Significantly, this is the first ancient Torah scroll to have been found inside a Continue Reading

Dead Sea Scrolls in Los Angeles March 10 – Sept. 7!

The Dead Sea Scrolls will be at California Science Center, Los Angeles, CA — Opens March 10 2015. Exhibit & Ticket Information: www.californiasciencecenter.org/exhibits/dead-sea-scrolls-the-exhibition The Dead Sea Scrolls discovery is one of the most important finds to confirm that the Bible was handed down accurately over the centuries. A few people believe (wrongly) that the Dead Continue Reading