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Your Company’s Brand Recognition: How to Track It

I was always taught: “If you cannot track the exact results, your advertising investment is probably a waste of money.” I still believe that: Track-able advertising is far better than general advertising to create awareness for your brand. But now I have respect for the “Brand Awareness” that comes through track-able advertising Thanks to the Continue Reading

Advertising During a Recession

Don’t skimp on advertising during recessions. Even your competitor’s advertising keeps your product type a priority in the customer’s mind. Two recent examples — A president of a large company was recently complaining about his competitor. It was not what you might have expected. He was complaining that the other company was NOT spending money Continue Reading

How to Stay Alive in the Advertising Business

The best kind of advertising is the kind that sells a great product and pays for itself (and then some). Let’s look at the second part: The ads need to cover their cost. If you are selling advertising in the Internet age, you need to prove in dollars and cents that it is actually worthwhile. Continue Reading