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Looking for meaningful ways to grow spiritually? Check out Rose Publishing’s Bible challenges and reading plans for schedules and calendars to build healthy Bible-reading habits! From Read the Bible in a Year to Proverbs 30 Day Bible plans, it’s all here for FREE.

FREE 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge for 2020

The new year is here and it’s a great time to start afresh! With your friends and family trying to build healthier habits, it’s the perfect season to start one of your own and get encouragement along the way! Have you ever wanted to read the Bible once a day, but didn’t know where to Continue Reading

Trivia: What Does the Canaanite Woman Call Jesus?

Our Miracles of Jesus DVD-Based Study releases THIS MONTH so we wanted to celebrate with even MORE trivia! Let’s see how you guys do: What does the Canaanite woman call Jesus? A) Son of David B) Messiah C) Lamb of God D) Rabbi Do you know your Bible trivia? Find the answers at the bottom Continue Reading

Congratulations 30-Day Bible Plan Readers!

Congratulations, warrior in the Word! You’ve finished the 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge. Whether you had a perfect score with not-a-day missed or you played catch-up, we’d like to present this certificate to celebrate your amazing achievement. But this reached goal isn’t just a check off the list, or a trophy on your shelf– it’s so Continue Reading

5 Quick Tips for Memorizing Scripture

Hey Bible-reading champs! How’s the 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge coming? For those of you that started with us on the 1st, there’s less than a week left! You’re nearly there! 🙂 Now, you’re reading the Word, but have you ever considered taking it with you? We don’t mean on your iPhone though… With smartphones, it’s Continue Reading

7 Archaeology Proofs for the Book of Genesis You Need to Know!

How’s the 30-Day Bible Challenge going? We hope you’re experiencing a deeper level of understanding of the Word! If you haven’t joined us yet, it’s not too late to do so! In this week’s post, we wanted to give you a look at the biblical archaeology proofs behind the history you’ve been reading in the Continue Reading

5 Verses to Help You Engage in God’s Word

It was around the 4th century AD that the Bible started to become what we know it as today; from the canonization of the books of the New Testament to the Latin Vulgate, the history of the Bible is extensive and complicated. Long before the invention of the printing press however, David, Isaiah, Paul, and Continue Reading

“How Reliable is My Bible?”

What the Skeptics Claim: “Not only do we not have the originals [of the biblical manuscripts], we don’t have the first copies of the originals. . . . What we have are copies made later—much later.” What History Actually Tells Us: Although the original manuscripts from the biblical have been lost–probably forever–the copies that we Continue Reading

5 Bible Reading Plans to Start Fresh in 2016

There are probably so many resolutions out there that it’s making your head spin! How about a Bible reading plan from Rose Publishing? With solid, well-researched information, references and easy-to-use charts, you hardly need to look elsewhere to refresh your walk with the Lord! Here at 7 different reading plans that you can use throughout Continue Reading

FREE 2016 Bible Reading Plan + 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge

Do you (and those you teach) want to get into the habit of reading the Bible every day, but don’t know where to start? Here’s an easy way to to build a healthy Bible-reading habit! Sometimes the goals we set are just great ideas that we don’t achieve. But when we make plans, that’s when Continue Reading

12 Days of Christmas Trivia Contest – Day #12

Merry Christmas! 🙂 This is the FINAL trivia question for this contest! Last chance to rack up points to win one of the three prizes! We announce the winners on Monday! For those of your joining us for the first time, we’ve been posting one trivia question per day related to our 12 days of Continue Reading