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20 Cult Signs and Symbols to Watch Out for

In both the Old and New Testaments, God commands His people to abstain from occult practices of any kind — in the strongest possible terms. Scripture consistently associates occult activity with superstition, idolatry, deception, fear, futility, uncleanness, and rebellion. God regards such things as evil, demonic, and deserving of swift and severe judgment. NOTE: In Continue Reading

Rose Publishing Bible Study Videos Streaming on Christian Cinema!

Q: Are Rose Publishing materials available for streaming anywhere? A: Yes! Many of our popular Bible studies that you can buy on DVD are also available on Christian Cinema to rent, stream, or buy digitally! Here are just some of the Rose Publishing filmography available!: How We Got the Bible Bible Study Series From Moses Continue Reading

Five Common Reasons Christians Doubt their Salvation

“Am I really saved?” This may not be something wondered out loud, but many Christians wonder about how true their salvation is. We’re here with the top 5 reasons Christians doubt their salvation, as well as 5 truths you can use to either ease your own mind or comfort a loved one. #1: Fluctuating feelings Continue Reading

What Really Happened to Paul After Acts?

There is considerable debate about the final years of Paul’s life after the close of Acts. The most accepted theory is that after two years of house arrest, Paul was released and allowed to travel again. During this fourth missionary journey (as some have called it), Paul traveled throughout the Mediterranean: Eventually, Paul went back Continue Reading

5 Instant Study Tips to Get MORE Out of the Epistles

Much like you would not pick up and read a novel in the same exact way you would a newsletter, we must also approach epistles in a different way than other genres of the Bible. Here are a few tips for how to study an epistle. Did you enjoy this blog? This is an excerpt Continue Reading

Get the Brand New 100 Days to Freedom from Overeating Devotional for Just $13.59

Even as Christians, we might struggle with controlling our eating habits during stressful times. How can we use the Bible to help us when we feel burdened by overeating? Find freedom from overeating with this brand new devotional filled with over 770 uplifting Bible verses, daily prayers, and quotes. You know that it’s important to Continue Reading

5 Questions to Ask If God’s Will Isn’t Clear

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” – Matthew 6:10 (NIV) If you grew up in the church, chances are you’ve heard at least one person say, “I just want to know God’s will!” when they are faced with a tough decision to make in their life. “Knowing Continue Reading

NEW! 50 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know Pamphlet

You know how amazing it would feel to understand even just a bit of biblical Hebrew–to be able to parse some of the original language, meanings, and historical contexts. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn biblical Hebrew, but haven’t had the time? Have you felt it’s too late? Or perhaps you didn’t know where to Continue Reading

For This Week Only Get the Expanded Edition of Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps for Just $20.99!

This expanded edition of Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps has updated modern geography and a fresh new look to all of the Bible maps. With clear plastic overlays, see modern cities on top of Bible maps! Want to compare Bible locations to modern-day maps? The expanded edition of the bestselling Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps book brings new relevance Continue Reading

Parables – Rose “Bible-Smart” Trivia! Day 7 of 7

Thanks for joining us for another Bible Trivia series! Maybe you’ve enjoyed our How We Got the Bible or Names of God trivia series, so we’re celebrating our upcoming book Bible-Smart: Matthew by author Mike Nappa! Please join us for this 7-day fun trivia series and pre-order your own copy of this incredible book featuring Continue Reading