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4 Short and Simple Journaling Questions to Refresh Your Faith and Purpose

Purpose Is Essential to Health and Healing By Dr. Gregory Jantz Many people hear the word purpose and think it applies only to grand, world-changing work. Not necessarily. Purpose is the unique thing we each have to offer the world, no matter how big or small. It is a matter of investing your gifts and Continue Reading

God’s Model for Fatherhood: How Christian Fathers Can Show Acceptance

Q: I’m a single father and I love my kids more than anything. They mean the world to me and I think they know it, but how can I show them that I love them unconditionally? A: The effect of a father’s approval or rejection is one of the most enduring experiences in our lives. Continue Reading

Top 20 Bible Classes to Teach Remotely during Coronavirus Quarantine (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, etc.)

All you need is an internet connection, PowerPoint® or Keynote software, and one of our instant Bible lessons! You don’t need to be an expert to teach these! Whether or not your city is in a state of shut down, we’ve all been affected drastically by this virus. First of all, all of us at Continue Reading

4 Common Myths About God’s Will

What Are Some Wrong Assumptions about God’s Will? WRONG ASSUMPTION #1: God’s will is pretty much impossible for the average Christian to figure out. Under this assumption, God’s will is accessible only to a few, like eccentric Bible scholars or spiritual mystics who somehow have figured out how to hack into the Lord’s heavenly database. Continue Reading

2 Ways to Find Healing in Prayer

Guest Post by Dr. Gregory Jantz Just as we were created to take control of our thoughts, have a healthy range of emotions, be social beings, and fuel our bodies well, we were also created with a soul that needs care and attention in order to thrive. The idea of deepening your spiritual life may Continue Reading

Why Do Some Bibles Have “Extra” Books?

Flip open a Catholic Bible and you’ll quickly notice that there’s a different list of books than in the Bibles at the Baptist church down the road. Instead of thirty-nine Old Testament book, you’ll count forty-six. If it’s an Eastern Orthodox Bible, you’ll count even more books. So why do some Bibles have these “extra” Continue Reading

3 Simple Spiritual Disciplines to Celebrate Easter

Guest Post from Journey to the Resurrection – Rose Visual Bible Study Joy gives us strength and helps us fully experience the best parts of life and survive the harshest challenges. We often move toward imitations of joy or attempts to manufacture joy by amusing ourselves with distractions. But true joy most often rises up Continue Reading

Spending Easter at Home?

Save 30% This Weekend on These Top Rose Books & Pamphlets! Just Because You’re at Home Doesn’t Mean Easter Stops!Celebrate Jesus’ life with your whole family using these best-selling Rose books and pamphlets! Start new traditions that engage the whole family with these fantastic Easter resources.  Quickly have all the fun activities and thoughtful discussion-starters at your Continue Reading

Connecting Biblical & Jewish Feasts to the Exodus

One of the most notable Jewish feasts that Christians take note of is Passover. Most of us know how Passover ties into the Exodus and the Plagues, but what happened after Passover? What do these Jewish holidays and feasts teach us about the Bible, God, and our faith? Feast of Unleavened Bread This festival was Continue Reading

SHARE: 7 Dangerous & Debunked Myths About the Coronavirus

Someone recently said to me today, “Everyone’s posting all sorts of news and updates. Who knows what’s true out there?” That’s the dangerous thing: false information can spread as quickly as this virus can… It’s true that there’s a lot of information out there. Not all of it is helpful, and some of it is Continue Reading

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