6 Bible Studies to Help You Grow Closer to Jesus

No matter where we are in our walk of faith, we can always grow closer to Jesus. But, how can we grow closer to Jesus? Worship, serving others, fellowship, prayer, and spending time with Jesus by reading and studying the Bible are just a few ways to get started. Enjoy this list of 6 Bible studies that will help you study the Bible and learn more about the life of Jesus.

#1: The Life of Jesus Bible Study

bible studies for small group

This Bible study will allow you to gain insight on behind-the-scenes key events in Jesus’ life and answer questions such as “How can we experience the abundant life Jesus died for?” and “What do we do when the new life Jesus promised doesn’t turn out as we expected?”. The more involved we are with the life of Christ, the more our daily lives will be filled with a greater vitality.

#2: The Forgiveness of Jesus Bible Study

bible studies for small group

Why do we carry guilt and shame? It only drags us down and keeps us from enjoying life to the greatest potential. Christ gave his life on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven, allowing us to replace the guilt and shame with freedom and forgiveness. Learn about the people he met and set free to gain a deeper understanding of the God that loves us so much.

#3: The Prayers of Jesus Bible Study

bible studies for small group

The Gospels portray Jesus as a man of prayer who greatly valued his relationship with his Heavenly Father. In Jesus’ life and ministry, prayer was the backbone. This six-session Bible study will invite you to explore the prayers of Jesus to understand more about prayer, the character of God, and how you can deepen your relationship with him.

#4: The Parables of Jesus Bible Study

bible studies for small group

Engaging stories that are simple, vivid, and engaging are how Jesus communicated deep spiritual truths. He made the kingdom of God understandable and accessible to his listeners by weaving in ideas from everyday life. In six sessions explore Jesus’ parables and their meanings, helping you to fully appreciate their relevance in your own life.

#5: The Miracles of Jesus Bible Study

bible studies for small group

Jesus not only preached the kingdom of God by word, but he also demonstrated it in power by his miraculous deeds. This Bible study will give you an up-close look at the miracles of Jesus, opening your eyes to the impact of those miracles on the lives he touched, what they reveal to us about God’s heart, and their significance in our lives today.

#6: The Last Days of Jesus Bible Study

bible studies for small group

In key moments before Jesus’ death such as preparing his disciples for his death, entering Jerusalem on a donkey, going to trial, being hung on a cross, and then raised from the grave victoriously, walk with Jesus to discover how his tragic ending transformed into a triumphant new beginning. The stories of the last days of Jesus can transform everyone who believes in him.

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