Free “How Jesus is Both Human and God” Bible Study

What do we know about the nature of Jesus? What do we need to know about Jesus in order to be a good disciple?

In this week’s free eChart, enjoy having a solid overview of what it means for Christ to be both fully God and fully man. Learn new insights into the nature of Christ in this Bible study packed with charts and Scripture references!

Your free discipleship download includes:

  • A chart on the humanity and deity of Jesus
  • A chart on 30 reasons Jesus came to earth
  • Life application questions
  • Key Scriptures on the nature of Jesus 
  • And more!

This week’s free eChart includes just a few pages from the Rose Guide to Discipleship. Get the whole book for just $17.99!

For This Week Only

Get the Bestselling Rose Guide to Discipleship for Just $17.99

Featuring over 30 topics on the basics of faith and over 100 charts, this will become your go-to discipleship guide for you and your church. Learn how to make disciples with this Rose guide.

how to make a disciple

A simple Google search of the word “discipleship” brings up over 22.4 million results. With so much information out there, it’s hard to really know what works and what doesn’t. Or worse—what’s just opinion or theory.

Since you already know that discipleship is important, the real question is…how? How do you disciple in a meaningful way?

With the Rose Guide to Discipleship, imagine having a solid plan already created for you, which includes: 

  • 30 interactive Bible studies on the basics of faith
  • Over 100 charts and diagrams to dig deeper
  • Reflection questions and applications for EACH topic
  • Leadership resources, so anyone can lead it
  • And more!

Features Over 100 Charts, Diagrams, and Pictures!

Unlike most discipleship programs or guides, the Rose Guide to Discipleship features charts for EACH topic, making the Bible easier to understand!

how to make a disciple

Key Features of the Rose Guide to Discipleship

Easily use the Rose Guide to Discipleship for a personal or small group study, a discipleship program, or to supplement your church’s existing material!


30 Discipleship Topics on the Basics of Faith

how to make a disciple

Dig deeper into 30 essential topics of the Christian faith. Great for both new and mature believers, it covers the following:

  • Salvation and forgiveness
  • New identity in Christ
  • Bible study and prayer
  • Handling doubts and temptation
  • Worship
  • And more!


30 Bible Studies/Lessons

Equip believers to stand strong in their faith with 30 relevant Bible study lessons.

what does it mean to disciple someone

Each lesson includes a Bible study, Scripture look-ups, charts/visuals, take home-applications, practical tips, and more!


100 Reproducible Charts, Diagrams, and Pictures

Each Bible study includes visuals such as charts, pictures, and diagrams, making it easy to see key information at a glance!

Plus, every page is REPRODUCIBLE, so you can make up to 300 copies.

what does it mean to disciple someone


Practical Applications & Quick Start Guide

Enjoy having all the major forms, tools, and group discussion tips you need to start a discipleship group. Anyone can lead it!

what does it mean to disciple someone

For This Week Only! Get the bestselling Rose Guide to Discipleship for just $17.99! Sale Ends 6/11/2022

how to make a disciple



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