Free “Why Is the Tabernacle Important Today?” eChart

How was the Tabernacle built? What areas of the Tabernacle were most important? Answer these questions and more in this week’s eChart!

Your free download includes a helpful chart pointing you to Bible verses that describe this sacred space. Plus, get an inside view of the Tabernacle with a diagram including the measurements of all holy objects, altars, and more!

Your free eChart includes:

  • Chart on why the Tabernacle is important today
  • Inside cutaway view of the Tabernacle
  • Diagram of the temple with measurements and descriptions
  • Overview of the three parts of the Tabernacle
  • And more!

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What insights does the Tabernacle give us into God’s character? With the Brand New Essential Guide to the Tabernacle, learn how the Tabernacle reveals God’s holiness, his desire to live among his people, and his plan of redemption through Jesus!

You know that the Tabernacle was the place where the Israelites worshipped God in the wilderness of Sinai. But how was it constructed? What were its contents? And what does it teach us about God?

Find answers to these questions and more with Rose’s Brand New Essential Guide to the Tabernacle! With this easy-to-understand guide, learn about how the Tabernacle was built, the furniture inside it, and its importance to the Israelites.

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Enjoy Having Over 110 Charts, Photos, Illustrations, and More!

This guide is packed with visuals, making it easy to visualize the Tabernacle and its contents!

Enjoy having over 110 charts, maps, illustrations, time lines, family trees, and more, including:

  • Cutaways revealing the different sections of the Tabernacle
  • A labeled illustration of the High Priest’s garments
  • A map of the Exodus
  • A calendar of feasts and holy days
  • 21 charts, including “Bible References about the Tabernacle”, “Jesus and the High Priest”, and “Tabernacle Symbolism”
  • And more!

Learn Key Insights into the Tabernacle

The Tabernacle plays a major role in the book of Exodus. Without fully understanding its significance to the Bible story, then, it’s hard to fully understand this important book of the Old Testament.

With this guide, learn new insights into the Tabernacle to enrich your understanding of the Old Testament!

Learn key insights into the Tabernacle:

This week’s free eChart is just a small sample of the Essential Guide to the Tabernacle. Save 20% on the Brand New guide for this week only!

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