Free “Jesus’ Crucifixion: Understanding Ancient Law” eChart

Did you know that the Greek word for covenant, diatheke, occurs in the accounts of the Last Supper? Or that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross becomes part of a new covenant, tied to his offering of communion at the Last Supper?

Jesus' Crucifixion: Understanding Ancient Law

Without knowing about the ancient covenants and laws of the New Testament world, it’s difficult to fully understand key legal details surrounding Jesus’ last week, trial, and crucifixion.

In this week’s free eChart, deepen your understanding of the Easter story as you learn about key covenants and legal details tied to the events of Jesus’ final days!

This week’s free eChart includes just a few pages from the Dictionary of Daily Life. Save 50% on both the 1-volume and 4-volume editions!

Add Depth to Your Study with Overviews on Over 115 Topics!

Unlike other Bible dictionaries and handbooks, this resource does not pick topics based on how many times the word shows up in the Bible (quantity).

Instead, each topic was picked based on its significance during Bible times (quality), so the topics will help you dig deeper. Here are just a few categories the DDL covers:

Bible Times

Home Life, Work & Entertainment

What was an average day like during Bible times?

Deepen your understanding of the Bible as you get a glimpse into everyday life in antiquity:

  • Home Life: Cities, dwellings, furniture, food, water, etc.
  • Work & Business: Agriculture, fishing, mining, etc.
  • Entertainment: Art, pottery, dance, theater, music, etc.
  • And more!
Israelites Customs

Beauty & Health

What did most Israelites wear? How often would they take a bath? Did Jesus have a beard?

Gain incredible insight into the lives of biblical people as you find out more about:

  • Clothing, hair, jewelry
  • Cosmetics, perfumes
  • Bathing, sanitation
  • And even more!
Jewish Greek Culture & Customs

Culture & Customs

Jewish, Greek, and other cultures throughout history had very distinct customs. What were they?

Get a handle on key customs and topics, including:

  • Marriage, oaths/vows
  • Clean vs. unclean rituals
  • Laws, taxation, inheritance
  • Armies, military, weapons
  • Widows/orphans
  • And more!
Jewish History Topical Overviews

And Dozens of Other Topical Overviews

This dictionary covers topics that are extremely relevant, but often overlooked, including:

  • Divorce, slavery, and childbirth
  • Wealth and poverty
  • Dentistry and medicine
  • And more!

Dictionary of Daily Life Sale – Save 50%

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When there are thousands of years of history to sift through, how do you find information on all the topics you want? With the bestselling Dictionary of Daily Life, enjoy having over 115 entries on topics that you can’t find anywhere else!

How did culture, technology, religious customs, and politics affect the daily lives of people in biblical times?

Find out by exploring over 115 key topics, each with background information from 6 major cultures and time periods! The Dictionary of Daily Life will become your gateway into cultures and worldviews that existed thousands of years ago.

Covering over 4,500 years ranging from 4000 BC to AD 600, the DDL includes 5-20 pages on each individual topic.

Key Features of the Dictionary of Daily Life

  • Over 115 Topics from A-Z—Easily cover a wide variety of topics from Jewish laws to food, daily life, marriage, and more.
  • Solid Overview—Get an overview on each topic from 6 key cultural perspectives: Old Testament, New Testament, Near East, Greco-Roman, Jewish, and Christian World.
  • Extended Time Frame—It doesn’t just cover time periods within the Bible. It also includes the early church, covering 4000 BC – AD 600. That’s over 4,500 years!
  • 4-in-1 Volume Includes Stunning Photo Galley—This edition combines 4 paperback volumes into one hardcover and features 35 photographs of archaeological finds!

“Why secure this set compared to so many others on the market? It’s really two things: 1) the unique approach, and 2) the valuable, scholarly, and well-written entries.”

—Jimmy Reagan, Online Customer Review

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