Free “Jewish Insights on Palm Sunday & Passover” eChart

Did you know that according to the Jewish texts, the Last Supper is described as a Passover Seder? Or that this meal required four cups of wine that each corresponded with one of God’s promises?

Passover is an important Jewish holiday, and it’s hard to fully understand the Easter Story without knowing the Jewish history and symbolism behind it.

In this week’s free eChart, discover the symbolism behind Jesus as our Passover lamb, and learn about the Jewish history behind Passover! Discover the important symbolism behind the Jewish Passover Seder, and gain important insights into Jesus’ final week.

This week’s free download that you can share with your small group is packed with:

  • Historical background of Passover
  • Luke 19:28-22 from The Complete Jewish Study Bible, covering Palm Sunday up to Passover / the Last Supper
  • Jewish insights into key events from Jesus’ final week
  • And more!

This week’s free eChart is just a small sample of The Complete Jewish Study Bible. Read even more Jewish insights into Jesus’ final week for just $24.99!

Imagine Having Over 145 Overviews on Jewish Culture at Your Fingertips!

It’s the only English version of the Bible that delves into the Jewish roots of Scripture and includes both the Old and New Testaments. Plus, it’s packed with features you can’t find in other study Bibles:

Find Out Fascinating Facts That Will Enrich Your Study

From the footnotes and articles to the introductions, this Bible is packed with fascinating facts and insights that will deepen your understanding of Scripture:

  • YHVH is the most used name of God in the Old Testament (it appears over 6,823 times).
  • Rabbi means (literally) “my great one” and (less literally) “my master” or “my teacher.”
  • The Hebrew word for “work,” avodah, is the same word used for “manual labor” and “worshipping God.”
  • And more!


Get The Complete Jewish Study Bible for Just $24.99

Prepare for Easter by learning about Jewish feasts and customs in The Complete Jewish Study Bible! Dive into the Old Testament and see how it points to Jesus with helpful Hebrew keywords and over 145 overviews, maps, and more!

You already know that Jesus grew up honoring Jewish traditions and culture in Israel. So how does present-day Christianity connect with the Judaism Jesus was so familiar with?

Enjoy hundreds of Jewish insights and Hebrew keywords in The Complete Jewish Study Bible, included so that you can grasp the fuller picture of God’s word. Easily get a handle on the Jewish roots of Christianity with over 145 topical articles, color-coded overviews, maps, charts, and more about the history of ancient Israel!

Whether you use it as your main Bible or alongside other translations, it’s the perfect resource to deepen your understanding of God’s Word!

Features More Than 145 Color-Coded Overviews on Key Themes Throughout the Bible

From Jewish customs to messianic prophecy, easily follow 12 major themes throughout the Bible with its color-coded overviews.

See key information without having to flip back and forth between the back of your Bible and your current page! Enjoy color-coded articles integrated throughout!

Enjoy Having These Key Features

145 Color-Coded Overviews on Key Themes

Enjoy having over 145 overviews and articles covering everything from the names of God to the Tabernacle, feasts of the Bible, Jewish covenants, and more!

See the Meaning of Hebrew Keywords

Using a simple system of parentheses, commas, and quotes, this Bible makes it easy to discover the original Hebrew names of key people, places, and concepts.

It even includes a pronunciation guide!

Introduction & Study Notes from a Jewish Perspective

For each book of the Bible, it includes introductions from a historically-accurate Jewish perspective.

It also includes:

  • Outlines for each book of the Bible
  • Bottom-of-the-page footnotes
  • The Jewish order of the Old Testament
  • And more!

Maps, Charts, & More!

Dig even deeper into Scripture with its 8 full-color maps, Hebrew glossaries, indexes, charts, and more!

“Insightful and helpful intros and comments. Gives a real feeling of the Jewish background of the Scriptures.”

—Eddie, Online Customer Review

“This Bible is simply stunning. Visually beautiful, with a clear, easy translation, from a Jewish perspective, which aids by giving accurate context. I am actually finding it easier to understand than the NIV Bible. It comes complete with lots of footnotes and study helps…”

—Malley, Online Customer Review

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