Free “Jesus’ Final Week” eChart

How can we study Jesus’ last week through the lens of the four Gospels? Which Gospels provide accounts of which events?

In this week’s free eChart, refresh your understanding of the Easter story with an easy-to-read overview of Jesus’ final week! Enjoy having a summary of key events as well as a helpful chart filled with Scripture references.

In this side-by-side comparison chart, see key events alongside Scripture references from the Gospels. See where in the Gospels each event of Jesus’ final days is recorded, making it easy to compare each Gospel account.

This week’s free eChart includes:

  • Simple summaries of key events from Jesus’ final week
  • A comparison chart and full-color illustrations
  • Relevant Scripture references
  • And more!

This free eChart features just 5 pages from the Rose Guide to the Gospels. Get the whole book for just $9.99!

Find Answers to Common Questions about the Gospels’ Reliability

Are the Gospels reliable testimonies of Jesus’ life? How can you answer skeptics’ questions about the resurrection? How were the Gospels even written?

Combining simple explanations, archaeological discoveries, and logical reasoning, this guide equips you to answer these questions and more.

For This Week Only 

Get the Rose Guide to the Gospels for Just $9.99

Do the Gospels contain reliable testimonies of Jesus’ life? What evidence do we have for the resurrection? How can we respond to skeptics? Get answers to these questions and more in this guide packed with information on 245 major events, parables, people, and prophecies!

Are you looking for an easier way to study the four Gospels in context? With the Rose Guide to the Gospels, enjoy having a quick-reference guide packed with in-depth information on Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John!

This guide provides more than just a basic overview of the four Gospels. It goes deeper by providing key information on Bible reliability, evidence for the resurrection, prophecies fulfilled by Jesus, and more!

This easy-to-understand guide also includes over 100 charts, pictures, and time lines, making it easy to visualize key information!

For This Week Only! Get the Rose Guide to the Gospels for just $9.99!

Deepen Your Understanding of the Gospels with Over 100 Charts & Pictures!

With over 100 pictures, charts, and time lines, this user‐friendly introduction to the four Gospels helps you explore key people, places, and stories in the life of Jesus!

“It is a crisp yet comprehensive examination of the four Gospels. It covers seven major and critical aspects…And in excellent Rose fashion the volume is well appointed with charts, maps and pictures to aid in the education process.”

—Dr. Dave, Online Customer Review

Enjoy These 4 Key Features of the Rose Guide to the Gospels!

Get an Introduction to the Jewish and Greco‐Roman World of Jesus’ Time

This guide provides key historical background information on the Gospels, making it easy to read Scripture in context!

Gain a greater understanding of the cultural and political background of the Gospels, including:

  • The Medo-Persian Empire, the Greek Empire, and the Roman Empire
  • King Herod, the Herodians, and the Zealots
  • The Pharisees and the Sadducees
  • The Maccabean Revolt
  • And more!

Enjoy Having a Solid Overview of All 4 Gospels

Discover how the Gospels were written, the key people and events in each of the four books, and much more!

Get a handle on all four Gospels with:

  • An overview of Jesus’ life: why he came, what he did, and why it matters for us today
  • The who, what, where, when, and why for all four Gospels
  • Simple explanations on the lives of 50 key people in the Gospels—from Pontius Pilate to John the Baptist
  • And more!

See How Jesus Fulfilled Old Testament Prophecies

Hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth, prophets foretold of his coming. This guide shows over 45 Old Testament prophecies and their New Testament fulfillments—side-by-side!

See how the Gospels reveal Jesus as the Divine Savior, Messiah, Healer, and Risen Lord!

Compare Over 150 Events & Parables Side-by-Side

The Gospels were written to different audiences, and not every event from Jesus’ life is included in all 4 Gospels.

With Rose’s quick‐reference charts, trace 100 events and parables through all 4 Gospels, and compare their similarities and differences at a glance!

For This Week Only! Get the Rose Guide to the Gospels for just $9.99! Sale ends 3/28/2022



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