Rose Stress Trivia – Day #4

5 days of stress trivia

This is the second to last day of this Stress Trivia! Day #4! Find out the correct answers next week!

We’re testing your Bible knowledge with this one! See if you know what book of the Bible the verse below is from.

Here is the trivia question for Day #4!

Finish This Verse:

“So, don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is . . .”

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Why So Serious?

The world can be a serious place. Because of Jesus, Christians don’t need to be. Dive deeply into the waters of whimsy, embracing the joy God offers. Sometimes that looks like welcoming holy laughter. Other times it’s learning to see mistakes as learning and innovation rather than mess-making. Play brings about transformation and rest and praise. And isn’t that just the reason God created us?

happy now

“Life is uncertain. God is often hidden. But here’s the thing: we are called toward joy anyway. Right now. Right here.”

“With Happy Now, Courtney Ellis demonstrates that taking God seriously means embracing the possibility for delight—and sheer fun—he places in our hearts. Absorbing this wonderful book, I kept asking how the church might look and live if we believed Elli’s words. What if they knew we were Christians by our play? Read on and catch the vision.

—Aarik Danielsen, Fathom Magazine Columnist

“This isn’t a book to read for mere intellectual satisfaction. It is a book whose principles I plan to further incorporate into my own life and into the life of my family. Let us follow in Courtney’s footsteps as she follows in Jesus’s footsteps.

Marlena Graves, author of The Way Up is Down: Becoming Yourself by Forgetting Yourself

Read more about Happy Now here!



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