Free “The Advent of Hope” eChart

This past year has been difficult for many of us, and many are still facing difficulties brought on by everything we have been through. So, how can we find hope in Christ this Advent season? And how can understanding the Christmas story renew our sense of hope?

In this week’s free eChart, see how the Christmas story represents hope for us as believers! Read the familiar story of Mary and Joseph through a lens of hope, and read the corresponding Old Testament prophecies.

This week’s free download features:

  • Key color-coded Scripture passages
  • The Old Testament prophecy that foretold Jesus’ coming
  • Full-color illustrations
  • And more!

This week’s free eChart features just a few pages from The Christmas Story. Get the whole pamphlet for just $1.99 in qty. of 10 or more!

Prepare for Advent and Christmas!

With Advent starting in just a few weeks and Christmas coming up next month, now’s the perfect time to stock up on this beautiful pamphlet!

Whether you’re alone, with your family, or with your church, this easy-to-understand pamphlet is the perfect way to refresh your holiday spirit.

For This Week Only

Get Rose’s The Christmas Story
Pamphlet for Just $1.99*

*when you buy 10 or more

How can you make this Advent season a time of hope and rest? Find peace this Advent season and enjoy this full-color pamphlet’s beautiful retelling of the Christmas story.

This past year has been hard for all of us, our families, and our churches. How can you make this Christmas and Advent season an enjoyable one for you and your family? And how can we use this time to refresh our faith, the way the early church did?

Rose’s The Christmas Story pamphlet is here to help you make this Advent restful and fun. Use this full-color pamphlet to rejuvenate your church or small group study! Enjoy having a beautiful retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth and easily see the prophecies that foretold his coming.

Whether you use it as a script for your Christmas program, a giveaway, or as a gift for someone special, get Rose’s The Christmas Story for just $1.99! (in qty. of 10 or more)

“We used the pamphlet for our Christmas Day worship. It is beautifully designed, colorful, easy to read and follow. I read the introduction and each of the four sections, with the congregation singing a hymn after each section. Worshipers then had a keepsake to take home…”

—Rev Rosen, Online Customer Review

“Very meaningful. I love the prophecies and fulfillments!”

—Linda, Online Customer Review

Enjoy Having a Beautiful Retelling of
the Christmas Story!

Don’t miss the valuable opportunities to reach out to people who don’t know about Jesus during the Advent season!

Featuring full-color pictures and traditional wording, this pamphlet is great to use as a handout at Christmas or as a Bible study during Advent. Get it for just $1.99* for this week only! (*in qty. of 10 or more).

Key Features of The Christmas Story Pamphlet

Experience the awe and wonder that comes from hearing the good news of Jesus’ birth alongside the Old Testament prophecies that foretold his coming.

Beautiful Retelling

From the angelic announcement of John the Baptist’s birth through to the birth of Jesus, journey through every major event of the Christmas story! It ends with the gospel story and a look toward Christ’s second coming.

It covers:

  • Every major event of the Christmas story
  • Fascinating facts, such as what “espousal” meant in the Jewish culture
  • All major Scriptures (written out)
  • And more!

Overview on ALL 20 Prophecies Fulfilled

Easily see 20 Old Testament prophecies and their New Testament fulfillments at a glance!

Plus, enjoy having Bible verses fully written out (not just Scripture references). Now you can easily read through the Christmas story and the prophecies it fulfilled without having to flip back and forth in your Bible!

Easy-to-Understand Explanation of Advent

The word “advent” comes from the Latin advenio, meaning “coming” or “arrival.” It is a time for believers to prepare for Jesus’ birth.

This unique pamphlet includes:

  • An overview on Advent
  • What Advent’s colors symbolize
  • The Advent prayer
  • The history of the Advent wreath
  • And more!

Practical Script & Tips

With its helpful suggestions, this pamphlet is easy to use as an Advent study or Christmas program script! It even includes suggested hymns for each Advent Sunday.

Use for:

  • Individual or group Advent celebrations
  • Christmas handout for your small group
  • Individual or family devotions
  • Script for Christmas program (tips included)
  • And more!

Before it’s too late, get The Christmas Story pamphlet for just $1.99 when you buy 10 or more! Offer ends 11/6/2021



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