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So, as a serious Bible reader, you want to know God better. But, where do you start and how can you know God better?

The Bible is full of real stories of real people living in real places. God communicating his infallible truths through the land, rock, soil, and water is both mind-boggling and also humbling. It also suggests that we can better understand God’s revelation through the land He has created. Further, we can understand more if we take the time to learn about and appreciate the geographical contexts in which it was given.

This week’s free download will help you unpack why it’s important to study why God chose to reveal himself in the Holy Land. For instance, from rugged terrain to bustling cities there is much to learn about the context of scripture.

In particular, your free eChart includes:

This week’s free eChart is just a few pages from Heart of the Holy Land. You can learn even more from Heart of the Holy Land, but this is the last day to get it for just $12.99!

Make the Holy Land Come Alive with Heart of the Holy Land

Encounter not only Israel’s landscapes and archaeological sites, but also the generations of people who lived in the Holy Land.

Consequently, you’ll see the Holy Land come alive in 40 reflections on topics such as:

Last Chance

Get Heart of the Holy Land for Just $12.99

Gain university-level insights on ancient Israel in one single quick-guide! Dig significantly deeper into the Holy Land with over 120 photographs and detailed maps of 20 key Bible places!

For instance, do you want to encounter the landscape of ancient Israel without traveling all the way to the Middle East?

Explore the lands of the Bible in Heart of the Holy Land!

Gain a deeper understanding of Israel’s geography, history, archaeology, and culture too! Plus, enjoy insights into contemporary holidays, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and more.

Immerse yourself into the landscape of ancient Israel with 40 reflections on a variety of topics. For example, topics include key Bible passages, locations, and events with particularly beautiful full-color photos.

All in all, this simple but in-depth guidebook includes features such as:

In brief, its perfect for individual and group study, church libraries, Sunday school classes, missionaries, and more! Last Chance to get it for just $12.99 (Reg. $17.99)

“I have been a student of the Bible for more than fifty years, but reading Heart of the Holy Land, by Paul H. Wright was a definite eye-opener on many fronts. Combining what the Scriptures say with the geographical features of the Land make them come alive, and I frequently found myself saying, ‘I didn’t know that!'”

—Kindle Customer, Online Customer Review

Enjoy These 4 Key Features of Heart of the Holy Land!

Here’s 4 key ways this handbook will further deepen your understanding of important Bible places and people!

120 Full-Color Maps & Photos of the Holy Land

Whether or not you’ve been to the Holy Land, you’ve roamed the land vicariously while reading the Bible.

Experience the beautiful landscapes and fascinating archaeological excavations through the 120 photos and maps in Heart of the Holy Land despite being far away!

Also, enjoy stunning full-color photos such as:

  • Harvest time in Galilee
  • Camel routes through south Jordan
  • Herod’s palace in Herodium
  • The vast, salty shores of the Dead Sea
  • And more!

Gain a Greater Understanding of the Bible’s Context

Understand biblical and modern events in their true contexts!

Since each of the 40 reflections weaves a biblical or modern event into the context in which it took place.

And, learn fascinating facts! For example:

  • Golgotha is the Aramaic word for “skull”
  • Over the millennia, heavy rainfall in Judah has eroded the wilderness into dry watercourses or wadis
  • The Dead Sea is the lowest, saltiest, and most uninhabitable body of water on Earth
  • And more!

Dig Deeper into Over 20 Key Bible Places

You’ll also encounter typical Holy Land tour sites, as well as lesser-known ones such as:

Deepen Your Bible Study with Practical Applications

Travel through the Holy Land with signposts at the start of each reflection!

Further, enjoy tools scattered throughout to aid your reading and deepen your Bible study as can be seen below. For your convenience, Bible verses relating to each topic and location are placed in the text for you to reference as you go!

“Insights into geographical features, climate and roads are invaluable to understanding the events of Scripture. I have never been to the Holy Land, and with health issues and age it is unlikely I ever will. But, I feel as though I have been guided by someone who knows the land intimately.”

—Online Customer Review

“There is liberal use of color photographs illustrating the 40 chapters, which also helps the reader to visualize the truth of what Dr. Wright is saying. . . Colorful maps are also included. . . This is a book I wish I had many years ago. I heartily recommend it as an addition to the library of any serious Bible student.”

—Online Customer Review

All in all this week’s free eChart is just a few pages from Heart of the Holy Land, but there is so much more to learn.

Ends Today! So, its the last chance to Get this guidebook for just $12.99. Sale ends 10/9/2021.

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