Free eChart “Joshua’s Amazing Story”

The Plagues. Wonders and miracles. Crossing the Red Sea. Moses led the Israelites through incredible things, but eventually his leadership came to an end. But not just anyone could fill his shoes!

Joshua had been the logical choice to fill the long shadow cast by Moses, the greatest of all mentors at the time. Joshua was successful, not because he was a talented and forthright leader, but because the hand of God shaped the events of his life.

What can we learn about God’s purpose for our lives through Joshua’s story? This week’s free eChart unpacks God’s hand in Joshua’s journeys.

Your free download includes:

  • Solid, detailed overviews of the formative years of Joshua’s life
  • Full-color illustrations and photographs
  • Labeled maps with the journeys of the Israelites
  • Scripture references for further reading

For This Week Only

Get the Rose Then and Now Bible Map Atlas for Just $19.99!

Grow in your understanding of Bible places and the people who lived there with side-by-side ancient and modern maps! Enhance your Bible studies with over 120 full-color accurate and updated topographical maps.

You take studying the Bible seriously, which means you already know that understanding the Bible’s background and context is the only way to fully understand its meaning.

But with dozens of cultures and cities mentioned in the Bible, what information is important to know?

Featuring over 120 maps, charts, pictures, archaeological finds, and insightful commentary, Rose Then and Now® Bible Map Atlas will become your go-to resource for key background information—making it easy to see how culture, geography, and politics affected the lives of dozens of key people within the Bible.

Dive into the stories of beloved Bible characters like:

  • Moses
  • Joshua
  • Deborah
  • Naomi and Ruth
  • Esther
  • And many more!

Enjoy having 50 full-color photos, charts, time lines, archaeological finds, and more that are all reproducible for church classes, homeschooling, or Bible studies! Get the Rose Then and Now Bible Map Atlas for just $19.99!

“This is a terrific volume for reading the Bible and its cast of characters in context. The combination of text and illustration is wonderful. Among the chapters, I was particularly taken with the treatment of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz, and the way that Wright was able to take these “minor” characters and assist readers in a fuller grasp of a classic tale.”

—Dr. J. Andrew Dearman, Professor of Old Testament, Associate Dean, Fuller Theological Seminary

“I am surprised at the details available for specific events in the Bible. As always, Rose Publishing products are of excellent quality.”

—Mama Karol, Online Customer Review

Enjoy Having These Key Features at Your Fingertips

Includes Full-Color Maps of Ancient & Modern-Day Cities

Rose Then and Now Bible Map Atlas gives Bible references and shows how knowing the land of the Bible uncovers new details in the most beloved stories and people.

This book is full-color and includes Bible maps right next to modern-day maps, so that you can see where Bible locations are today.


Helpful Insights into Major Bible Stories

This atlas gives you incredible insights into your favorite Bible stories and people.
Learn about more than 30 key Bible characters, including:

  • Ezra and Nehemiah
  • Pontius Pilate
  • Josiah
  • Jonah
  • Elija and Elisha
  • And many more!

Amazing Insights into Bible Geography and Culture

This best-selling Bible atlas was authored by Dr. Paul H. Wright, president of Jerusalem University College (Institute of Holy Land Studies). Over the years, Dr. Wright has led thousands of university students and adults throughout Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, and the Sinai!

Because of his deep insight and experience with the Holy Land, Dr. Wright packed this atlas full of in-depth information on the events and people of the Bible.

See Bible characters come to life within their own time, place, and faith journey—and watch how their lives illuminate our own faith journeys!

Learn Fascinating Facts about Key Bible People

Fascinating insights explain how geography and politics affected the lives of Bible people like Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Esther, and many more.

Find out:

  • How David’s clever understanding of geography and politics led to his marriage with Ahinoam of Jezreel
  • Why Naomi, in the Book of Ruth, couldn’t just move back to Bethlehem after her husband’s death and use his land again
  • Why Moses and the Children of Israel took the long southern trek from Egypt to the Promised Land, rather than the direct route
  • And more!

“Readers will see the characters of the Bible come to life in the context of the very real world in which they lived. Whether readers have been through the Bible fifty times or this is their first, the pictures, maps and extremely readable text will lead them to fresh insight into this greatest of stories.”

—Dr. John Walton, Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College

“The Rose Then and Now Bible Map Atlas is a beautifully hardbound volume that belongs on the shelf of any Bible student today. [This book] is packed with beautiful color photographs of the Middle East along with over 100 full color maps. [Eight] plastic overlays that give the reader a great compare and contrast view of ancient cities and regions with modern day countries and capitols.”

—Paul Dare, Online Customer Review



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