3 Benefits of Reading the Bible in Chronological Order: Chronology of the Bible

Struggling to consistently read the Bible this new year?

Don’t worry, you still have time; this year isn’t anywhere near over yet! You can still get on track with your Bible Reading Goals for 2021.

There is no doubt that the Bible can often be confusing to read. Did you know the Bible is NOT laid out in chronological order? That’s right, that means reading the Bible straight through often leads to confusion and discouragement. You are not alone. This year, you don’t have to give up trying to grow closer to God through reading His Word. Our new Chronology of the Bible: Timeline and Bible Reading Plan Pamphlet. is here to help!

Chronology of the Bible: Timeline and Bible Reading Plan

Chronology of the Bible Pamphlet

This pamphlet not only includes an incredibly helpful timeline showcasing the time and place of every event of the Bible, but it also includes a guide to help you read the Bible through in chronological order!

Starting on Page 12, the Chronological Reading Guide helps you get a better idea on what and when Bible events occurred. From the beginning, to the patriarchs, to the divided kingdom, this pamphlet sections out each book of the Bible in an event-based format. You can also use the timeline provided to give you a more in depth description for what events actually took place as well as seeing the Bible as a whole! Check it out here.

Inside Chronology of the Bible Pamphlet

Just like any story, there is a beginning, middle, and end. The Bible is no exception. Here are 3 Benefits of Reading the Bible in Chronological Order:

3 Benefits of Reading the Bible in Chronological Order:

1.) We Can Better Understand and Connect the Scriptures as a Whole

It’s no surprise that the Bible can be difficult to read. From narratives, to poetry, and prophecy, it can be confusing to understand how each bit connects to one another. By reading the Bible chronologically, we can see each event take place and understand how each bit connects. For example, while reading the book of Ruth, it may not be intuitive to know that it was written near the same time as Judges, (the journey to the Promised Land.) By having that context, it will immensely help in your journey of understanding the Word.

2.) Understanding the Character of God

Oftentimes we read through the Bible and are confused about why God is responding the way He chose to. Without proper context, we are left in the dark, leading us directionless. Studying or reading the Bible chronologically will help bring clarity to His character, and provide a more full comprehension of who God is through each event.

3. It Fills in the Gaps So We Can See The Bigger Picture of God’s Perfect Plan

Grasping a narrative or one specific biblical principle is good, but understanding how all the accounts of the Word are tied to one another and what they mean as one cohesive record is even better! Skipping events and misunderstanding contexts can severely destroy our understanding of God’s cohesive plan. Through guidance and context, we can look into understanding the Bible as a whole, thus leading us closer to God!


This Easter Season, we invite you to join us as we read the Word together from chronological order. Simple, colorful, and easy to follow, the Chronology of the Bible Timeline pamphlet covers more than 2,200 years of biblical history and will help you understand God and what he is saying, Who He is, as well as His magnificent plan for the human race.

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  1. It made sense to me when you said that reading the bible in chronological order provides us with directions and a proper context through each event. This is something that I will consider because I want to study the bible to grow my faith and enrich my spiritual life. Maybe, it would be beneficial for me to find a bible translation book that would guide me better in understanding the bible.

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