Prepare for Easter! FREE Journey to the Resurrection E-Chart

Free Journey to the Resurrection Echart

Picture Mark 15. On the surface, the scene of Jesus’ crucifixion appears to be a tragic failure and an end to life. Jesus stands before his accusers, offers no defense, and then he’s sentenced to death on the cross.

But, ironically, there’s a hidden victory in the backdrop of this tragic scene. We’re going to unpack it in this week’s fascinating eChart to help you get ready for Easter!

This week’s eChart dives into the victory of Jesus’ sacrifice and God’s love for all. Your free download will help you dive deeper in Jesus’ victory over death.

This week’s eChart includes:

  • Simple summaries
  • Key Bible passage to read (with optional reading)
  • Full color chart comparing the Roman triumph march to Jesus’ crucifixion
  • And more!

This is just one of 6 sessions in the  Journey to the Resurrection Visual Bible Study! Get the entire study for just $8.99!

FREE eChart: Learn about the Hidden Victory in Jesus' Death

Get This Rose Visual Bible Study on Jesus’ Resurrection for Just $8.99!

Would you like to grasp the Easter joy of the first Christians and learn why the ancient church prepared for 40 days to celebrate Christ’s resurrection?

Renew your heart AND mind with the Journey to the Resurrection Bible Study! In each session, you will encounter Jesus through a specific event in his life and be invited to join in a related spiritual practice—all leading up to the hope-filled promise of resurrection.

Packed with charts, full-color pictures, prayers, key Bible verses, and more, this study can be completed in 6 weeks (or about 40 days), making it the perfect preparation for Easter.

Journey to the Resurrection Sale

Imagine Having Charts & Full-Color Pictures INSIDE Your Bible Study

Visuals are not just sprinkled on the side or in the back. Instead, this guide is packed with charts and pictures, helping you see key information at a glance.

Inside Journey to the Resurrection

Here Are 5 Ways You’ll Dig Deeper into Scripture

Packed with Charts, Pictures, and Visuals

Unlike other Bible studies that are mainly text, Rose’s full-color Journey to the Resurrection Bible Study features:

  • Charts
  • Full-color pictures
  • And more!

In-Depth Bible Study

You want more than a surface-level reading of the Bible. You want depth.

Get a solid understanding of Jesus’ resurrection as you dig deeper with this Bible study’s easy-to-follow format:

  • Introduction: Context
  • Read It: Key Bible passages
  • Know It: Study questions
  • Explore It: Visuals
  • Live It: Life applications

Includes lots of space for writing!

Practical Tools to Help You Dig Deeper

For each session, the Bible study provides multiple ways to engage, explore, and ultimately apply Scripture to your life, such as:

  • 5-7 thought-provoking application questions
  • Journaling space and questions on each Bible passage to personalize the information
  • Overviews and practical steps
  • And more!

Anyone Can Lead It

This Bible study automatically comes with a leader guide in the back, which includes tips, preparation guides, step-by-step instructions, and “do’s and don’ts” for leaders.

It even includes flexible timing options for whether you want your study to be 30, 60, or 90 minutes.

Journey to the Resurrection Sale Graphic



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