Top 10 New Releases of 2020 – Save 40% on these Rose DEALS!

It’s the end of the year which only means one thing, we have AWESOME DEALS coming your way! Enjoy the Best of 2020 and get all of these BRAND NEW titles for 40% OFF! Don’t wait, save now!

You have books. You have commentaries. But, you don’t always have time. Quickly find the information you need with Rose’s quick-reference books, pamphlets, and PowerPoints—Save 40% on these Top 10 Rose New Releases from 2020! Here are a few favorites that you can save 40% on:

Exploring the Bible Through History

The Bible spans thousands of years. How can you help kids get the big picture?

Show kids ages 5–10 when 25 key Bible stories really happened! Exploring the Bible through History is the ONLY teaching resource that features Bible curriculum as part of a visual time line.

From Creation to Revelation, these full-color downloadable Bible lessons are packed with over 120 activities, games, crafts, snack ideas, story reenactments, and more. Includes reproducible coloring pages kids can collect to create their own Bible time lines!

How we Got the Bible Made Easy

Can you trust the Bible? 

Featuring charts, simple summaries, and practical tips, How We Got the Bible Made Easy will increase your confidence in the reliability of the Scriptures.

This little book is also packed with information explaining the important discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which testify to the accuracy of Bible translation throughout the centuries. Perfect for individual use, group Bible studies, or adult Sunday school classes.

Ark of the Covenant Pamphlet

Want to learn more about Israel’s most sacred object?

Dig deeper into the mystery and curiosity behind the Ark of the Covenant in this new slimline pamphlet, packed with 14 diagrams, maps, charts, time lines, and more! 

With the help of a detailed time line, learn how God dwelled among the Israelites during 17 significant Bible events. From Exodus to Revelation, dive into all the special facts and major Bible events that included the Ark.

Find out dozens of fascinating facts, archeological proofs, and biblical answers to questions like:

  • Who built the Ark and why?
  • How big was the Ark and what was inside it?
  • What was the mercy seat for?
  • What happened to the Ark?

And more!

Proverbs Rose Visual Bible Studies

What’s the key to mastering the art of godly living?

The book of Proverbs helps us gain true wisdom, a deeper sense of who God is, and the ability to trust in God’s faithfulness! Discover Proverbs’ main themes, background, and interpretations, as well as connections with the New Testament and the modern church. Packed with over 40 charts, pictures, simple summaries, discussion questions, and more—Rose’s NEW! Proverbs Visual Bible Study is perfect for personal or group studies.

The Chronology of the Bible Pamphlet

Have you ever wanted to read the Bible in the order that each of the events happened? Now you can!

This attractive and easy-to-use pamphlet helps you discover where your favorite Bible stories fit within the larger story of God’s Word. Simple, colorful, and easy to follow, this fold-out pamphlet covers more than 2,200 years of biblical history. It includes over 200 key Bible characters, books, and events arranged on a time line in the order that they happened.

Chronology of the Bible covers over 200 key Bible characters, books, and events, including:

  • Saul, the first king of Israel in 1051 BC 
  • When Jonah was in the belly of a great fish 
  • When Jesus performed the first miracle 

And more!

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Happy New Year from us to you! May God bless 2021.

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