Free “I Am the Way” Bible Study

Free “I Am the Way” Bible Study

Get an entire chapter for free from the I Am Rose Visual Bible Study.

What are you afraid of right now? Maybe there are so many different things that cause you anxiety that it’s hard to choose just one. In John 14, Jesus speaks directly to his small group of disciples at a time when they had good reasons to be deeply troubled.What did he say and what can we do to apply Jesus’ words to our lives?  Your free download this week unpacks John 14 and provides a short study to help you practically apply these principles to your daily life.This week’s free eChart includes:

  • Key Bible passage to read (with optional relevant reading)
  • Fill-in-the-blank journaling activity
  • Short 5-minute devotional to help apply the passage to your life
  • And more!

This free eChart is just a session from the Brand New I Am Rose Visual Bible Study. Get this Bible study for just $8.99. Shop Now

Key Features of Rose’s Visual Bible Studies

Enjoy going beyond the traditional fill-in-the-blank format with Rose’s New Visual Bible Studies.



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