4 Short and Simple Journaling Questions to Refresh Your Faith and Purpose

Purpose Is Essential to Health and Healing

By Dr. Gregory Jantz

Many people hear the word purpose and think it applies only to grand, world-changing work. Not necessarily. Purpose is the unique thing we each have to offer the world, no matter how big or small. It is a matter of investing your gifts and talents to benefit a nation or a neighborhood, a community or a classroom, a whole company or a single child. Your personal purpose may be to raise healthy children or invest in the lives of your grandchildren. It may be to help homeless people get off the streets and back on their feet. It might be to create art that inspires others. The possibilities are endless, and only you can know which best fits you.

Look back on your life and identify situations that brought you the most joy, fulfillment, and gratification. Review your experiences and listen when you hear yourself say, I absolutely loved doing that!

Get a piece of paper. Think deeply as you complete these statements:

  • What brings me to life more than anything is…
  • I never feel more energized than when I…
  • The best gift I can give to the world is…
  • The need that stirs my soul more than any other is…

Finding and following your purpose is essential to health and healing. Why? Because it’s what keeps you going when you want to give up. It’s what renews your energy after an exhausting week. It’s what brings joy to your hurting heart.

The above is an excerpt from Dr. Gregory Jantz’s new book Five Keys to Health and Healing Hope for Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Encouraging Prayer

Heavenly Father, help me see your purposes for my life. Help me to reflect back on my life, the challenges, and the blessings and see your plan at work. Teach me to cultivate a heart of gratitude and purpose. Amen.

Five Keys to Health & Healing: Hope for Body, Mind, and Spirit

We all struggle with challenges, stress, heartaches, and obstacles that can lead to feelings of hopelessness and rejection, destroying our belief in God, who only wants the best for us.

In Five Keys to Health and HealingDr. Gregory Jantz distills the most important tools from his years of helping people overcome challenges. Instead of solely addressing the healing of emotions or spiritual life, Dr. Gregory Jantz’s proven and effective method encourages the focus on healing the whole person with 5 keys:

  1. Harness Your Thoughts
  2. Heal Your Emotions
  3. Nurture Your Relationships
  4. Nourish Your Body
  5. Deepen Your Spirit

Using real-life stories, biblical suggestions, proven tips, and practical steps, Dr. Gregory Jantz will give you courage and tenacity as you take the first steps on the path toward wholeness and wellbeing.

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