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You care about the people in your family, church, and neighborhood. But knowing how to help them isn’t always easy. Some may be struggling with depression. Others need healing from abuse. Some wear a smile, but are plagued by thoughts of suicide. How can you help them? What can you do?

Here’s an easy way to see key information and Bible verses you need at a glance!

Packed with simple summaries, these will become your go-to resource for answering tough questions and responding to real problems in a practical, Bible-based way.

From depression and abuse to rejection, get key information on each topic at your fingertips and enjoy having life-changing application steps that you can personally use or recommend to others.

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For 2 Days Only! Get 8 quick guides from June Hunt in one bundle for just $19.99.

See Key Information at a Glance with Overviews & Charts

Unlike other books and references on these topics, these quick guides use larger print, charts, bulleted lists, and an easy-to-scan format, helping you find the information you need fast!

Enjoy Having These Key Features at Your Fingertips!

Enjoy having trustworthy advice from June Hunt, a Christian counselor backed by Focus on the Family, Dr. Charles Stanley, and broadcasted on more than 900 radio outlets worldwide!

Short & Simple Overviews

Enjoy having a solid overview and practical advice on 8 of life’s toughest challenges at your fingertips.

Get answers to common questions on a wide range of relevant issues, including:

Provides Real Help & Practical Advice

An essential aspect of spiritual growth and healing is the ability to connect and relate, which is why each guide includes:

Plus, it shares relatable stories and relevant insight from someone who has over 25 years of ministry and counseling experience.

Quick Reference

Imagine having all the key information you need in one place.

Find information fast with its:

  • Question-and-answer format
  • Charts
  • Overviews
  • Helpful tips for those helping others
  • Bulleted lists!

Shows How to Rightly Apply the Word of God

Includes key Bible verses on each topic that will inspire, encourage, and show you how to apply God’s Word to your life.

  • Key verses for each topic
  • Relevant Bible stories
  • Helpful verses to memorize

Whether you are personally looking to grow your walk with God or looking for solid material to use when you help others, this 8-book June Hunt bundle is just the place to start.

“What I especially like about these booklets is that they offer advice that is biblical. The information is written in clear language and is easy to grasp and apply.”

—Dr. John March, Pastoral Counselor, Online Review

“Very concise and practical. Her lists to help you are excellent. I recommend all of her books to anyone struggling with these issues or trying to help someone who is.”

—Bruce, Online Customer Review

Free eChart: Warning Signs of Suicide

Today is World Mental Health Day, and this year’s focus is suicide prevention. Of those who took their own lives, approximately 75% gave clues or warnings to friends or family. It’s important to take any threat seriously, and to know the signs.

This week’s free eChart exposes common misconceptions about suicide and explains how to spot 24 warning signs. It briefly covers practical questions and ways to connect with those struggling with suicidal thoughts, providing hope for a better future.

In this free eChart, you will learn:

This free download includes just a few pages from June Hunt’s Suicide Prevention guide, and it is not comprehensive. For more information on suicide prevention as well as 7 other important topics, get June Hunt’s 8-book Hope for the Heart bundle.

Imagine Having ALL 8 Quick Guides in One Bundle

Here are a few other titles included in this 8‐book Hope for the Heart Bundle.

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Invisible. Insignificant. Overlooked. There are people in your community who struggle with these feelings every day.
The true solution to low self-worth is to recognize the truth about your identity in Christ.

Discover how to leave behind feelings of worthlessness, and recognize your “true worth,” the worth you have in the eyes of your heavenly Father.

This guide covers how to:

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Verbal & Emotional Abuse

Sometimes abuse is easy to spot, but not always. Bruises from physical abuse can been seen, but the wounds from emotional abuse can be difficult to detect.
We have all been wounded by hurtful actions of others. June Hunt has a message for you: it is possible to stop the pain of abuse. Find out biblical truths and practical advice on how to heal.

It covers:

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Do you feel the darkness of depression closing in on you? Do you wonder if you will ever feel true joy again?

June Hunt understands. She has counseled people with depression for over 25 years and she knows that hope is possible! In this quick guide, she explains what happens to the mind, emotions, will, and body when various forms of depression hit. Find out:

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Have you ever felt lonely? Isolated? Abandoned? No one escapes feelings of loneliness caused by separation, grief, loss, or isolation. It can strike anyone—young or old, outgoing or introverted, confidence or uncertain.

Experience the comfort that comes from knowing God understands our deepest times of loneliness. His Word is rich with ways to feel more connected with God and others.
Find out:

These are just 4 of the 8 books included in this NEW quick-guide bundle by June Hunt. Get ALL 8 books for just $19.99.



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