Free Abraham Forshadowed Jesus eChart & Reading Plan

One man is called the “father of faith.” The other is the “perfecter of faith.” Easily compare the lives of Abraham and Jesus at a glance with this week’s FREE eChart.   Packed with simple summaries and key scripture verses, this week’s eChart includes an incredible comparison chart showing the 6 key ways Abraham’s life foreshadowed the coming of Christ. This free eChart includes:

  • Abram’s call to leave his home of Ur.
  • Full‐color map showing the route Abraham took as he traveled hundreds of miles from Ur to Canaan.
  • Chart showing how Abraham foreshadowed Jesus
  • 12‐day reading plan to use with Life of Abraham pamphlet. Perfect for individual or small group use.

This free eChart is just a small portion of Rose’s Abraham: A Journey of Faith Pamphlet! Get the entire pamphlet for just $1.50.

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Abraham: A Journey of Faith Pamphlet

Abraham (previously known as Abram) is mentioned over 250 times within the Bible and is one on the most significant people in Scripture. Deepen your understanding of his entire life and the nation of Israel with this pamphlet! Packed with maps, charts, and time lines—get a handle over 100 years of Old Testament history!


Life of the Apostle Paul Pamphlet

Shipwrecked. Arrested. Beaten—there’s no doubt Paul suffered on behalf of the Gospel. Find out more about the remarkable life of Paul and get a solid overview of his key teachings. Get a close‐up look at Apostle Paul’s life with this incredible quick‐reference pamphlet!


Life of Joseph Pamphlet

From the prison to the palace, you are already familiar with the life of Joseph. Dig even deeper into the story by seeing how Joseph’s life points to Christ. Packed with simple summaries, charts, and a time line, this slimline pamphlet provides an incredible illustrated overview of Joseph’s life. Betrayed. Sold into slavery. Falsely accused. Forgotten. Joseph’s story reminds us that unjust suffering is not the end of our story. God keeps his promises.


  • Time line of the important events in the life of Joseph
  • Family tree of Jacob’s (Israel) sons
  •  Map of the journeys of Jacob and Joseph
  • Side‐by‐side comparison of the dreams Joseph interpreted
  • Takes tough theological questions, such as: why does god allow suffering?

Major Prophets Pamphlet

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel—the ministry of the major prophets lasted over 200 years. Some prophecies wouldn’t come to true for thousands of years. Others were highly symbolic, causing many to wonder: What does this mean? Easily get a handle on all 4 prophets with this pamphlet! With charts, maps, and simple summaries, enjoy getting a clear overview on what each major prophets said about Israel and what they foretold about Christ!


  • Quick overview of each prophet’s life and messages, includes outlines, key verses, historical context, and more!
  • Major prophets time line, showing key events and kings.
  • Chart showing key prophecies fulfilled by Christ. Includes prophecy, fulfillment, and key Scriptures.
  • Dozens of fascinating facts about the 4 major prophets. For example, ancient Jewish tradition asserts that Isaiah died by being sawed in half.
  •  And more!

Women of the Bible: New Testament Pamphlet

From Mary Magdalene to Martha—dig deeper into the incredible lives of 14 women of the New Testament. Many women in the Bible became heroines and were instruments in God’s story! These 14 women had their strengths and weaknesses. But you’ll be encouraged as you see how God can use anyone for his glory!

For each woman, it provides an overview of her story, key events within her life, an explanation of how God used her, and a life application section. Find out more about

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