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You have books. You have commentaries. But, you don’t always have time. Quickly find the information you need with these quick-reference pamphlets—Get ANY Rose pamphlets for just $1.50 when you buy 10 or more!
Packed with simple summaries, charts, and overviews, these slim line pamphlets will add depth to any Bible study (and make great Christmas giveaways!). Shop Now.

“Rose pamphlets are easy to read, easy to carry in our Bibles, and easy to use as basic references.” —K. Olson, Rose Review, Coordinator of Church Leaders

All Rose pamphlets are just $1.50 when you buy 10 or more. Here’s just a few of them to check out or shop them all!

Bible Timeline Pamphlet

Easily see 300 events from Bible AND world history side-by-side on one time line! Fits inside most Bible covers.
Covering everyone from Abraham to Cleopatra, this fold-out time line provides key background information in a way few Bible resources can—showing over 2,000 years of history in a single glance.
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  • Quick overview: See over 300 key people and events, including ruling dates of kings, prophets, battles, and events.
  • Easy-to-use: Includes larger print and full-color pictures.
  • Slim line: It easily fits in most Bibles, making it convenient to quickly reference!
  • Find out fascinating facts: The first Olympic games in Greece were held at the time of Jonah in the Old Testament

Christmas Story

The holidays can often make you feel drained. But, did you know that the early church actually used it as a fresh start? They viewed Advent as a time to spiritually prepare for Jesus’ birth.
Refresh your church or small group study with Rose’s The Christmas Story. Enjoy having a beautiful retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth and the prophecies that foretold Jesus’ coming.
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Easily use it as a script, a giveaway, or as a gift!

  • Covers every major event of the Christmas story
  • Shows the Old Testament prophecies about the birth of Christ alongside their fulfillment.
  • Explains advent, the advent prayer, and the history of advent.
  • Includes how to use the pamphlet as an Advent or Christmas program script!

How We Got the Bible Pamphlet

Can you trust the Bible? From Moses to Gutenberg, find out how we got the Bible and discover it’s reliability.
Discover how the Dead Sea Scrolls (as well as other archaeological findings) confirm the Bible’s accuracy and easily see key events and people at a glance with this easy-to-follow time line!
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Enjoy having:

10 Keys to Spiritual Growth Pamphlet

Healthy things grow, and that includes our walk with God. So how can you keep growing? How can you encourage others to keep growing?
Featuring simple summaries, charts, and practical life application steps, this Bible study pamphlet covers 10 key topics on spiritual growth, including prayer, Bible study, Scripture memorization, and more!
Easily use this as a personal or group study!
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Tabernacle Pamphlet

Discover how the gospel message can be seen in every detail of the Tabernacle. This fantastic pamphlet is the #1 Rose resource on the Tabernacle!
It features an incredible cutaway picture that provides an inside look at the Tabernacle. Enjoy going step-by-step through the Tabernacle, from the courtyard into the Most Holy Place, as you learn about each part of the Tabernacle and how it points to Christ.
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