Free Visual Bible Study on the Armor of God

Free Bible Study on the Armor of God
Are you equipped for battle? Find out how ancient Roman soldiers used armor in battle as you dig even deeper into Ephesians 6. From the helmet of salvation to the sword of Spirit, get a solid introduction to the armor of God in this free session from Rose’s NEW Armor of God Visual Bible study.
  • Full-color pictures and charts
  • Thought-provoking questions
  • Space for note-taking
  • And more!
This free download is just one session. To dig even deeper into each piece of armor and to discover how to combat the enemy’s lies, get Rose’s 6-session Armor of God Visual Bible study for just $7.99.

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How can you stand strong in faith? The Apostle Paul encourages you to put on the full armor of God. But how?
Using pictures and detailed descriptions of Roman armor, this 6-session visual Bible study unpacks the meaning of Ephesians 6 and covers each piece of the armor of God—from the Helmet of Salvation to the Sword of the Spirit.
armor god
  • Quick-reference charts
  • Full-color pictures of each piece of armor
  • Thought-provoking questions
Great for individual or small group use.

What does it truly mean to enter God’s presence? Deepen your understanding of worship as you discover how each part of the tabernacle points to Christ.
Featuring full-color pictures, diagrams, charts, simple summaries, and life applications, Rose’s Tabernacle Visual Bible Study takes you step by step through the Tabernacle—from the altar of burnt offer to the ark of the covenant in Holy of Holies.
  • Comparison charts
  • “See-inside” Tabernacle picture
  • Labeled diagrams of each Tabernacle item
  • Reflection questions
Perfect for individual or small group use.

How can you grow in spiritual maturity and faith? How do you know if you are growing? The book of James answers these very questions.
Featuring charts and thought-provoking questions, this 6-session Bible study digs into the Book of James and what it means to have a genuine faith.
It covers how to face trials, avoid favoritism, tame the tongue, pray, and more!
  • Charts on key teachings
  • Interactive activities
  • Thought-provoking questions
Perfect for personal or small group use.

Shipwrecked. Arrested. Beaten—there’s no doubt Paul suffered on behalf of the Gospel.
Packed with charts, time lines, and maps, this 6-session inductive Bible study shows how to apply his message of encouragement, perseverance, and courage to your life today.
Discover how Paul went from being a persecutor of Christians to the greatest missionary of all time.
  • Time line of Paul’s Life
  • Maps of Paul’s Journeys
  • Comparison charts
  • Full-color pictures of places Paul visited
Perfect for personal or small group use.

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