Christ in the Feasts of the Bible: Seeing Jesus in the Passover

Thanks for those of you that have joined us on the 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge so far! This week we want to look at finding Jesus in Christian festivals… by “Christian festivals” we don’t just mean Christmas or Easter, but the Jewish feasts as well! Let’s take a look at the feast of the Passover and see where we can see God’s

The Passover in the Bible

In Exodus 12, God gives Moses the instructions and requirements for the Passover.

Exodus 12
12:1-1–The feast marked a new year, a new beginning for the Israelites In Christ, every believer is a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Old things and the old life are past.
12:5–A male lamb in its first year was taken into the home on the tenth of Nisan (the first month of the Jewish calendar.) While in the home, it was closely inspected to see if there were any blemishes or disfigurements. If it was without defect, it was then sacrificed on the fourteenth of Nisan. Christ was closely inspected by:

  • Pilate (Matthew 27:11-26; Luke 23:1–6; 13-25; John 18:28–19:16)
  • Herod (Luke 23:8–12)
  • Annas (John 18:12–13; 19–24)
  • Caiaphas (Matthew 26:57).

They could find no fault in him. Christ is the “lamb without blemish or defect” (1 Peter 1:19).

12:6–The “whole community” of God’s people was required to participate in the sacrifice. Accepting Christ’s sacrifice is required for all who want to be part of God’s community (Romans 3:21–26).
12:7, 12, 22–The blood of the sacrificed lamb was applied to the doorframe–the lintel and side posts. Because of the covering of blood, the house was spared from God’s plague. Christ shed his blood to rescue his people. We need to be covered or justified by the blood of the Lamb to be rescued from condemnation (Romans 3:25; 5:9). Christ is the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world (John 1:29).
12:14–The Passover was to be kept as a remembrance forever. During the Last Supper, Jesus refers to the bread as “my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me” (Luke 22:19).
12:46–God commanded Israel not to break any bones of the sacrificed lamb. To speed up Jesus’ death, the Roman soldiers were going to break his legs. However, Jesus was already dead, so his bones remained unbroken (John 19:32–33).

This year in 2018, Passover (or Pesach) falls on March 31st.
The above excerpt was taken from the bestselling pamphlet Christ in the Passover. Shop here.

Christ in the Passover pamphlet: Celebrate a Christian Seder

Christ in the Passover – Celebrate a Christian Passover Seder.
The Passover is the Old Testament feast that celebrates and remembers God’s liberation of Israel from Egypt. It also foreshadows Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. In just 14 pages, you will learn the history of this special day and the symbolism in the Passover that points to Jesus Christ. Christ in the Passover also includes a Christian Passover Seder script that can be used by Christians year round.
Christ in the Passover is an excellent Bible study topic at anytime, but especially near Easter. The Christian Passover Seder script is a touching worship experience for Sunday school classes and lessons on Moses and the Exodus. This pamphlet even includes the Passover Seder recipes. 14 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long
Christians celebrate the Passover as a holiday that commemorates God’s miraculous rescue of Israel from Egyptian captivity. The Lord instituted the Passover feast nearly 3,500 years ago to remind his people of how much he loved them. The Passover is meaningful to Christians today because it is packed with symbolism that points to Jesus Christ. The messianic symbolism in the Passover is a powerful message of salvation in Christ.
Christ in the Passover shows six ways that the Passover in the Old Testament points to Jesus, who was called the “Lamb of God.”

This [Passover] is a day to remember. Each year, from generation to generation, you must celebrate it as a special festival to the LORD. This is a law for all time. Exodus 12:14, The Holy Bible

Christ in the Passover gives hundreds of facts at a glance, including:

  • The Passover story from the Bible – celebrating the Exodus from Egypt
  • The parallels between the Passover in the Old Testament and the work of Jesus Christ as the perfect Passover lamb in the New Testament. This is a good way of explaining the Jewish roots of Christianity.
  • The symbolism of the perfect lamb
  • The similarities between Passover and the Lord’s Supper
  • A Christian Passover Seder script, with everything you will need, including the recipes. Our staff held a seder and it was very meaningful to everyone. It takes only 30 minutes and is good for all ages. Children have fun finding the hidden matzah bread that symbolizes Jesus. The Christian Seder can be used at home, in a small group, a classroom or a Bible study.

Why is the Passover story important for Christians today?
At some point, you will face hard times, tough problems, and unfair circumstances. It’s good to know that when times are tough, God loves you and watches out for you. Passover is a reminder of God’s control over earthly events and ultimate victory over sin and death. Christ in the Passover will increase your faith in God as you learn that Jesus was sent to earth to become the Passover Lamb for all humanity.



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