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Studying the Bible is a life-long investment that will add depth to your life, enable you to love and serve others, help you find peace in times of trouble, and experience God like never before. Think of it like any other training or education you need to get through life, whether it’s learning to read, problem solving, or learning to be a parent for the first time. Any investment you pour into Bible study has massive potential for fruitfulness in all spheres of your life, so why wouldn’t you spend your time and resources on something of eternal worth?
Today, we’re going to help you compile a list of resources that can help you on your way as you make your way through the Bible Reading Challenge!
A Study Bible will bring out the significance of God’s Word. In addition, you will want to build a Reference Library. Check off each category as your library grows:


(Locates all the occurrences of a word.)

Bible Software

(Concordance, Libraries, Bibles, Maps)

Bible Dictionary

(Defines Scripture words; gives some background)

  • Holman Bible Dictionary (Broadman & Holman)
  • New Illustrated Bible Dictionary (Nelson)
  • Dictionary of the Bible (Eerdmans)
  • New Unger’s Dictionary (Moody Press)
  • Zondervan Pictorial (Zondervan Publishers)

Bible Atlas and Time Lines

(Geography maps; history time lines.)


(Written by scholars with years of study; explanations)
One Volume:

  • Wycliffe Bible Commentary (Moody)
  • Matthew Henry’s Commentary (Zondervan Publishers)
  • New Bible Commentary (Eerdman)

Two Volume:

  • Zondervan Commentary (Zondervan Publishers)
  • Bible Knowledge Commentary (Nelson)
  • Bible Exposition Commentary (Victor Books)

Bible Handbook

(Overview; background; customs and history)

Topical Bible

(Organizes Scripture in special areas of interest)

  • Nave’s Topical Bible (Hendrickson Publishers)
  • Topical Analysis of the (Bible Baker Book House Company)

This may all seem overwhelming at once, but bookmark this page to come back to next time you’re at your favorite bookstore. One resource at a time, you’ll be growing faster and hungrier for the Word of God than ever before!

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