How We Got the Bible in 6 Steps

What if you could approach the Bible at your own pace, starting and stopping as you would in a world-class museum: reading individual exhibits, observing colorful displays, and gaining an overall understanding as you proceed?
Bible Gateway interviewed Christopher Hudson (@ReadEngageApply) about his book, Self-Guided Tour of the Bible: Maps, Charts, Timelines, Simple Overviews (Rose Publishing, 2016).
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Buy your copy of Self-Guided Tour of the Bible in the Bible Gateway Store where you'll enjoy low prices every dayHow is your book different from other books that explain the Bible?
Christopher Hudson: We set this book up to be like a self-guided tour of a museum. What I love about a self-paced tour is that it lets you learn at your own pace and arrange the subjects in a way that’s interesting to you. We tried to take that same approach with this book.
This book has many different access points. You could certainly begin on page 1, but you might prefer to start with chapters 4 or 5 instead. The question for each reader is: What would help you understand your current Bible questions? Would starting with the timelines be best for you? Or the big picture themes? Character biographies? You can start wherever you like.

Check out the full interview here!

How did the Bible get to us?
Christopher Hudson: That’s a profound question. The Bible is more than the big, black book on our desk or nightstand. How the Bible got to us was actually quite amazing:

  1. Revelation & Inspiration. The Bible had 30-40 different writers over the course of nearly 2000 years. Individual books were written on scrolls or parchments.
  2. Duplication. People who lived in ancient times recognized that these writings were special and authoritative, and they faithfully copied them by hand for centuries.
  3. Canonization. After watching the impact and importance of these books over centuries, Jewish and Christian leaders recognized these books contained the very message of God. They collected them into what has become our Bible.
  4. Publication. Before the printing press, the Bible was copied by hand over and over again. After Gutenberg, copies were printed and more widely distributed.
  5. Translation. Don’t forget, the Bible was not written in English. While classic manuscripts were preserved in Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, and Latin, brave people risked their lives to translate the Bible into languages that people could understand so that the Bible could be read by anyone.
  6. Transformation. Answering “how did the Bible get to us” is not complete unless we also include the impact it has on us as we read it. The Bible’s message is not complete if it just sits on our shelves without being read and heard.

For the rest of the interview (including the 8 major themes of the Bible, how the essential story of the Bible is in 22 of the 66 books, how everything points to Jesus, and more) view full article here!

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Understanding the Bible has never been easier! Whether it’s your first time picking up the Bible or you read it cover to cover every year, the Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible will have you looking at the Bible with fresh eyes in moments! In just 9 illustrated chapters, explore:

Introduction to the Bible

  • A Quick Overview of the Bible (Including Bible reliability)
  • A Time Line of Bible History
  • Jesus throughout the Bible (See how the Old Testament points to Christ)

Essentials of the Bible

Why Study the Bible?

  • Jesus’ Life and Teachings
  • Heaven, Hell, and Eternity
  • The 8 Major Themes in the Bible—Salvation in Christ, Living by Faith, God’s Sovereignty, and more!

You know it’s important to read God’s Word: we read the Bible to get to know the Author himself, but it’s an intimidating book! With 66 books and around 800,000 words, the Bible is massive and complicated with history, names, and events. Where do you start? How should you read some of the miraculous events and interesting characters? The Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible answers these questions and many more! Tap into the incredible depth and wonder of God’s Word with every page of the Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible.

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