Trivia: Which Leper Returned to Thank Jesus for Healing?

To celebrate our NEW Miracles of Jesus DVD-Based Study we’re bringing you some fun trivia! Let’s see how you guys do:
The leper that thanked Jesus for his healing was a [FILL IN THE BLANK].

A) Canaanite
B) Israelite
C) Philistine
D) Samaritan

Do you know your Bible trivia? Find the answers at the bottom of the blog post! Or in our NEW SERIES, Miracles of Jesus by Dr. Matthew Williams!

The Miracles of Jesus Series

Miracles of Jesus Video Study Series Intro from Rose Publishing on Vimeo.

“If you are looking for biblically reliable teaching presented by first-rate evangelical scholars in a way that will hold people’s interest and engage them with practical application, look no further than the “Miracles of Jesus.” They’re fantastic! These resources will help people grow in their faith in an age of superficial and unreliable teaching by grounding them in what Jesus really did and said.” – Scott Duvall, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament, Chairor Department of Biblical Studies, Ouachita Baptist University

About the Miracles of Jesus DVD Bible Study

From the healing of lepers to turning water into wine, many studies focus on how miracles demonstrate God’s power. But this study takes it a step further showing how each miracle reveals God’s character, the kingdom of God, and his love for you. Deepen your understanding of the New Testament and build on what you already know with this 6-session DVD study, which cover 6 of Jesus’ most well-known miracles: feeding the 5,000, healing the woman with the issue of blood, cursing of the fig tree, and more! Shop now!
You don’t have to be an expert to lead this six-session study. It automatically comes with a free downloadable leader guide and includes everything you need:

  • Disc with all 6 sessions
  • FREE downloadable leader guide

This is unlike any other Rose DVD Bible study before—it includes more scholars, more pictures, and more opportunities to see what Bible places look like today! Each session of this DVD study:

  • Begins with a short guided walkthrough of the places Jesus walked to help you experience the historical context like never before. Journey to relevant locations like the bustling marketplaces of Jerusalem, fertile vineyards, and the Sea of Galilee as you dive deeper into well-known Bible passage.
  • Enjoy getting easy-to-understand commentary from top professors and experts from Wheaton, Talbot, and more!
  • Discover incredible historical insights that will deepen your understanding of these familiar stories. Did you know that the title “Son of David” is always referenced with healing in the Gospel of Matthew?
  • Includes optional audio reading and a flexible structure design to facilitate group discussion.

Deepen your understanding of the New Testament with this 6-session Miracles of Jesus DVD Study

  • Session 1: The Clean Daughter: A Bleeding Woman
  • Session 2: The Heartbeat of God: Water to Wine
  • Session 3: Knowing the King: Feeding the 5,000/Walking on Water
  • Session 4: A Faith-full Outsider: A Canaanite Woman
  • Session 5: Fruitless Lives: The Turning of the Tables and Cursing of the Tree
  • Session 6: Grateful Outcasts: Ten Lepers

Start Your Miracles of Jesus Bible Study and Get the DVD Today!

Dr. Matthew Williams

mattwilliamsDr. Matt Williams, Biola University — the associate professor of New Testament at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, La Mirada, California. A former missionary to Spain, Matt preaches and teaches at churches throughout the United States and Spain. He is general editor of Colección Teológica Contemporánea, a series of theological books in Spanish, and is the author of two books on the Gospels.

Did You Get the Right Answer?

Answer: D) Samaritan
Did you know?: The hostility between Jews and Samaritans was bitter and widespread. Jesus’ Jewish hearers would be delighted to hear that these lepers were healed. But then they would have been shocked to hear that the only one who came back to thank Jesus was a Samaritan.
Want to learn more about Jesus’ miracles and what they mean to us today? Order the series here!
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