Free Islam & Christianity eChart: Religion & Beliefs Comparison

FREE Islam and Christianity eChart:

Compare Beliefs about Muhammad, Jesus, Quran, and the Bible

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Recent events here in the United States and abroad have caused many to wonder: What exactly do Muslims believe? What’s the difference between Islam and Christianity? This week’s free eChart provides a simple overview of Islam and Christianity, showing what Muslims believe, what Christians believe, and how to correct common misunderstandings.
Easily compare what Muslims and Christians believe about Jesus, Muhammad, and the Bible with this week’s free eChart. Enjoy having a solid overview on Muhammad and the Quran—including who Muhammad was, what Muslims believe about him, and why they believe God gave him the Quran. See key information at a glance, such as: Muslims DO acknowledge Jesus as a prophet—but they DO NOT consider him the Son of God. Find out the meaning behind key words, including Sunna, hijara, hadith, and more. It also features helpful ways to reach out and explain your faith in a clear and culturally sensitive way.
Find out fascinating facts:

  • Muslims believe in Jesus’ virgin birth.
  • Muhammad did not question the accuracy of the Bible.
  • Muslims believe Muhammad is the last of over 124,000 prophets going back to Adam.

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Islam and Christianity Pamphlet

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Islam is the second largest religion in the world and now you can easily see how it compares to Christianity!
This quick-reference comparison chart makes it easy to understand what Muslims believe, what Christians believe, and how to correct misunderstandings on 8 key topics, including God, holy scriptures, prophets, rituals, salvation, and more! Plus, it includes handy do’s and don’ts that will help you reach out and explain your faith in a clear and culturally sensitive way.
While Christians might not understand the meaning of words like Allah, Mecca, and Janna, Muslims don’t always understand words like Trinity, redemption, and salvation! This pamphlet’s simple summaries and helpful glossary will help you gain the confidence to reach out to Muslims in a highly effective way!

See key similarities and differences at a glance. It covers 8 key topics:

Key Information and Key Beliefs:

Key Practices

Key Perspectives

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Features Dozens of Fascinating Facts about Islam and Christianity:

  • Muslims believe Muhammad is the final prophet, but that Jesus was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life.
  • Many Muslims misunderstand the concept of the Trinity, thinking Christians believe in multiple gods.
  • A Muslim can be confused by Christian symbols, such as the cross (considered a military symbol to Muslims).
  • Pray with Muslims, but don’t start your prayers with “Our Father.” Many Muslims have a misunderstanding about the Fatherhood of God (thinking it’s sexual). Wait until you correct this misunderstanding before using “Father” in prayer. You can use “Almighty God” or “Lord God.”

Use this incredible pamphlet for—

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  • Youth Group
  • Quick-reference tool
  • And More!

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